How to Get Rid of Anxiety by Making Lifestyle Changes?

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Feeling anxious is just another emotion that happens to us at some point in time. We live in a chaotic world and you can say that it comes with such negative by-products. Anxiety isn’t bad until it doesn’t become extreme. Good anxiety can keep people motivated, organized, prepared, and calculate risks. But if anxiety is a daily struggle or it is leading to negative impacts on your life, it can be a major problem. Here, we will tell you how to get rid of anxiety to improve the quality of your life. These ideas will help you control the emotions if not get over it completely.

Anxiety causes

Anxiety isn’t a condition that develops from a single factor. It is mixture of many things put together. These can be personality issues, difficult life experiences, physical health condition, and more. Check out some of the causes of anxiety as listed below:

Family history

Mental health issues can be your genetic predisposition to having anxiety. However, having an anxious parent to relative doesn’t mean you have the condition automatically. You can have similar traits, but isn’t like other physical conditions that runs in the genes.


According to research, there are people who have personality traits of being anxious. For example, the nervousness before an examination is pretty natural for many. There are some people who are timid or lack self-esteem, and such traits lead to anxiety. People who always want to control everything can become anxious when they don’t have things their way. These are some cases where anxiety is common to all.

Stressful events

When people are in stress, they can have anxiety. There are high chances of such emotions to stay or return any moment. Some examples of stressful events are:

  • Job stress
  • Change of job
  • Change of living arrangement
  • Relationship issues
  • Pregnancy
  • Emotional shock due to a traumatic event
  • Sexual, physical or verbal abuse
  • Death of a loved one

Physical health

Illness can contribute to anxiety when chronic. Have asthma problems, hypertension or diabetes are all conditions that can lead to anxiety. Thyroid can lead to anxiety as well. You need to consult your doctor and see what he/she suggests for anxiety due to physical health.

Mental condition

Anxiety itself in a mental health condition. You can have anxiety due to multiple conditions. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand. You need to look for assistance in such a case.

Substance abuse

There are people who consume alcohol in order to manage their mental health. In such cases, substance abuse can lead to anxiety. Having alcohol can aggravate the condition. You need to get help for your mental state as well as to leave substance use. These conditions can be severe and needs optimum care.

Get rid of anxiety at home

Here are some tried and tested ways to get rid of anxiety. These will help you cope up with the condition and improve your mental health:

Stay active

Keeping yourself physically active not only makes you fit but also helps your emotional health. Exercise regularly and see how the toxic from your mind goes away like all the sweat. Along with exercise, anxious people should meditate. It is a not a short-term fix – you can feel anxiety relief hours after work out and meditation.

Skip alcohol consumption

Alcohol is naturally sedative. So, having a glass of wine or whiskey when your nerves feel tired gives you an instant relief. But you’re over the buzz, it returns your anxiety and vengeance. You should not depend on alcohol but treat the root of the problem you’re facing. If not, you might get addicted and depend on alcohol every time.

Stop smoking

Most smokers turn to cigarettes when they are in stress. Just like drinking alcohol, cigarette gives you a quick fix. However, it effects your health and leads to anxiety all over again. According to Trusted Source, people who smoke early in life have mor chances of facing anxiety issues. The chemicals present in tobacco makes our brain anxious. Thus, in totality it is fatal to resort to smoking.

Reduce caffeine consumption

If you think that the perfect cup of coffee it keeping your mind in place, reality might be way different. Chronic anxiety is not friends with caffeine as it can lead to jitters and nervousness. In many cases, caffeine makes anxiety disorders worse than it is. You might have panic attacks and other symptoms related to anxiety. Reducing caffeine intake can stabilize your body and mind.

Get some good sleep

To know how to get rid of anxiety at night, you need to sleep well. Insomnia goes hand in hand with anxiety. You need to make sleep a priority by:

  • Sleeping when you’re tired
  • Sleeping at night
  • Skip reading or watching TV on bed
  • Skip using phone on bed
  • Not tossing while sleeping
  • Going to another room till you’re sleepy
  • Not having caffeine or nicotine
  • Avoiding large meals at night
  • Keeping room cool and dark
  • Writing down about worries before you sleep
  • Have a proper sleep and wake-up routine


Meditation helps you get over chaotic thoughts. It replaces your mind with mindfulness and calamity. Meditation relieves anxiety and stress. If you meditate for 30 minutes every day, you can get over symptoms of anxiety. It works like an antidepressant and you don’t need to have medicines for it.

Follow a healthy diet

When you have low blood sugar level, chemicals from processed food, or a dehydrated body, it effects on your body. Having too much of artificial coloring, flavoring, and preservatives can also react in a bad way. A high sugar diet can also impact the temperament and worsen anxiety.

Many people pick up the habit of overeating due to anxiety. You need to check the habits and curb them down. Have lots of water, keep away from processed food, and have a diet rich in complex carbs, veggies, and fruits. Also, have lean proteins and stay healthy.

Try deep breathing

Fast breathing is an example of anxiety. It leads to quick heart rate, lightheadedness, dizziness, and panic attacks. You must try deep breathing exercises while meditating. It is a deliberate process to slow down your mind and restore normal breathing pattern. Thus, the process combats anxiety disorders.


You can resort to aromatherapy by using fragrant essential oils to promote mental wellbeing. You can inhale the oil directly or add it to warm bath. As per studies, aromatherapy relaxes your mind, helps you sleep, improves mood, and regulates proper heart rate.

Have chamomile tea

According to a study conducted in 2009, chamomile tea works like a nature anxiety remedy. The Trusted Source states that German chamomile capsules of 220 mg was given to a few people, five times a day. The results showed lower anxiety symptoms compared to people who were given placebo.

Instant anxiety relief technique

If you’re looking for ways to relieve anxiety right now, there are some techniques that can help you. While the above measures will gradually improve your condition, the ones here will work like an instant solution. They might not last as much as the ones above, because it is a regular process of selfcare. But it will definitely calm your senses for a while now.

1. Exercise

If you’re someone who is already into regular workouts, and understand how it boosts you up, try this for your instant anxiety. It is one of the best ways to channelize the feeling and make you feel relaxed. You can take a brisk walk, go for a swim, or simply dance. These activities will lift your mood and make you feel happier.

2. Positive attitude

Stress is good at times, as it can help you meet a deadline, focus better on a test, and so on. If you look at it in a light way, stress can be your friend. You just have to deal with it in a healthy way and challenge it. If you work on the things that are worrying you, it will reduce your stress. You can also spend quality time with your friends and family to find how that releases stress too.

3. Control the panic attack

When you’re having an anxiety attack, if you allow your mind to control it, it will not overpower you. You need to tell yourself that it is temporary and you’ll be fine the moment you let it subside. The moment you’re feeling anxious, try to calm down and understand how your brain is reacting. The process can be pretty tough, but it isn’t the most difficult situation at all.

4. Check your thoughts

People who have anxiety disorders tend to think about the worst scenario in everything. The moment you realize that you’re overthinking about something, you need to allow yourself to take time and reevaluate the situation. You need to ask yourself if it is actually worth giving such importance and time. You need to divert the focus on thinking if it is worth pondering over, rather than assuming the worst case of all. The moment you rethink the fears will help your train the brain and come up with rational ideas and let the anxious thoughts go away.

5. Just breathe

One thing that can immediately lower your anxiety levels in breathing. There are times when we get anxious in front of people, we don’t want to show our worst phases. Breathing in an out can help you get out of a zone you don’t want to be in. Once you start meditating for anxiety, you will understand certain ways of breathing. You will exactly know how you control the movement of your breath when you suddenly feel anxious and it will give you an instant relief.

6. Follow 3-3-3 rule

Turn around and see three things and name what you see. Then turn around and listen to three types of sounds that you hear. Next, move three parts of your body like your fingers, ankle and arm. Just at the moment you think your brain is functioning more than it should, try this trick. It will keep your mind more centered and bring back your focus.

7. Do something that doesn’t harm you

To get rid of anxiety instantly, you might not be able to follow the given tips at all. Do something that comes at an impulse if you can’t control your mind. But make sure you don’t end up hurting yourself. You might like to take a walk, stand up and go to the kitchen to make some chamomile tea, and so on. You need to give your brain senses to not let the situation overpower you. So, it is okay to do something impulsive until its harmless.

8. Stand up straight

The least you can do when you body feel anxious is keeping the upper body straight. In order to do that, you can simply stand up or sit straight. Hunching over is often a trigger to anxiety while being physically straight works like an antidote. Pull your shoulders back or simply stand straight. Keep the feet apart when you do so and open your chest. You will find an instant relief and you can follow it up with deep breathing.

9. Don’t consume sugar

Anxiety can make you crave for something sweet. You shouldn’t allow yourself to do that as it can harm you than do good. Eating too much of sugar tends to worsen your feelings and makes you more vulnerable. Instead of taking resort to sugar, have a glass of water and you’d feel better. You can also consume some protein and find your body come back to normal state.

10. Ask for help

If you’re around a friend or a family member, seek help or tell them how you feel. It is important to have people around when your body is making you feel uneasy. It will help you fight your fears and you will be happy you had someone you love around you.

These are some of the ways to get rid of anxiety. You should try doing the ways that are in your control and ask other for help immediately.

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