50 Drop Dead Gorgeous Santa Muerte Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

31. This swirling Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte2

Get done with this Swirling Santa Muerte tattoo which looks absolutely stunning and especially those face marks. The main reason to go for this tattoo can be that you are a believer of the Santa Muerte religion, and one can be that you find it meaningful and deep, so you are going a Santa Muerte Tattoo. It can be anything, and whatever it is, this Swirling tattoo is worth your penny and the pain that it will cause. I just loved the idea, as I haven’t seen anything like this.

32. This sizzling Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte4

Damn, this Santa Muerte Tattoo is seductive and alluring as well. Appreciating the art, as it is gorgeous. The pretty girl with long wavy hair and her chest covered with a rose makes the whole tattoo beautiful. The girl’s face is filled with beautiful mandalas and swirling designs and this hand tattoo can be done on the arms as well. It will look nice as well. I really love this tattoo, and I think it looks amazing. What do you think? 

33. This blue eyed beauty.

Santa Muerte5

This Blue-eyed pretty girl tattoo looks super stylish. The hair and the face of the girl are unique, and the hairstyle is really unique. The beautiful forehead mandala art is to die for. It looks really stunning, and the main attraction of the tattoo is her blue eyes. The eyes look realistic and stunning. The main astonishing fact in the art is the nose of the girl. The shading of the nose is a bit different but looks undoubtedly fine. This tattoo is referred to as the blue-eyed beauty, and now you know why because it’s really a sight of beauty.

34. This Santa Muerte animation.

Santa Muerte6

If you are into animation and stuff and I’m sure you would love this tattoo. This looks a lot more subtle in terms of other tattoos. The Santa Muerte Animation looks really cute and adorable. If you want a Santa Muerte Tattoo but you don’t want to look too loud and all, then you can go for this kind of animation tattoo which will look just fine. Honestly, I’m in love with this tattoo, and I think you love this tattoo as well. The hair is the main attraction of the tattoo; looks super fine. 

35. This spectacular masterpiece.

Santa Muerte7

This tattoo is a masterpiece, indeed. The beautiful face illustration, with blue colored patterned cloth that covered her head, brown hair, and a lock pattern drawn on her chin. The tattoo has blue and brown hues all over it. I never really knew that blue and brown look so good together, but this looks just so good. Blood tears are coming out of her eyes, and her neck is drawn perfectly. How perfect can a tattoo be? The answer is this masterpiece. This one will bring loads of compliments to you and I’m sure you’ll love those.

36. This skull Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte8

Skull tattoos look cool, no doubt. I really love this kind of tattoo as it radiates a gothic vibe which can match your character if you are gothic as well. You should always choose a tattoo that matches your character and your vibe, or else it is baseless to draw a tattoo. Tattoos are meant to motivate you and also to decorate your body, and to fulfill that requirement; you should choose a design that suits you. Skull tattoos look cool in themselves, and this one is decorated with different patterns and colorful, bold prints. This makes the tattoo great. 

37. This painted canvas effect tattoo.

Santa Muerte9

This particular tattoo is drawn in such a manner that it will radiate a canvas painting effect. This effect looks great. The hair of the girl is really pretty and the strokes are the main attraction of the tattoo. You can try out any other design in Canvas effect as well, which looks comparatively cool. I really love this particular design, but you can choose some other design and get it done in Canvas effect as well. Eyes are the main elements in Santa Muerte tattoos so the eyes here look cool as usual.

38. This sad Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte10

As you can see, two skulls are drawn, and they both are crying and sad. One skull is kissing the other skull, and they both are crying. As some people consider Santa Muerte as a sign of death and despair, they will consider that they are crying just because of that. Well, it can be the meaning. Here two lovers are portrayed, and anything can be the meaning. One is a sugar skull, and the other is a skull in general. Honestly, the tattoo is heart touching and I really love the tattoo.

39. This Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte11

Again a tattoo santa muerte that represents a strong lady. The glance of the lady is really strong, and this is what I mostly love about the Santa Muerte tattoo. As the rose is a very important flower here it is seen in almost every Santa Muerte tattoo. The light blue colored eyes look pretty and stunning, as usual. I really loved this tattoo, and you can go for this. As per my idea, this tattoo will similarly look good on the chest portion. You can get this tattoo done wherever you want, though. 

40. This watchful Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte12

This Santa Muerte Tattoo is watching everything quietly. The girl is observing, and the reason it is known as the watchful Santa Muerte tattoo. The girl is wearing a hood and is sitting quietly, one hand on her cheek and another hand resting on her other hand. The eyes look realistic as usual, and the eyes are looking straight at the person who’ll look at this tattoo. That’s what the tattoo is special about. Not to mention about the beautiful shading and the beautiful face illustration. I’m spellbound, to be honest.