50 Drop Dead Gorgeous Santa Muerte Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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11. This rocking Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa muerte by Benny Mac

As you may already know, that Santa Muerta figure is known to wear clothes like mother Mary. A skilled figure is praying, and the figure represents Santa Muerte itself. There is a quote written down below, which says, ‘time waits for no man. This is a truth that you may ignore now, but honestly, this is the harsh truth that you need to accept at first. Tattoo santa muerte always denote the same message, and there’s more to it. There is also a Sand watch that denotes time. It says that the time comes for everyone, and you must be prepared for your death to arrive.


12. This stunning cat sugar skull tattoo.

Santa Muerte cat tattoo

Sugar skull tattoos can be made with anything that has life. If you are a cat lover or you have a pet cat, then you can make this tattoo to honor the cat. This tattoo is so pretty as it values each and every life. The cat has roses made around with beautiful leaf annotations. Roses are known as grave flowers, and it carries a deep meaning with them. Different colored roses denote different meanings. 


13. This delightful dog sugar skull tattoo.

Santa Muerte dog tattoo

Just like a cat, if you are a dog person, then you can go for dog sugar skull tattoos. This particularly has a dog drawn with beautiful color shading and designs. The dog sugar skull tattoo looks pretty. The design is a bit simpler than that of other sugar skull tattoos we talked about in the past. You can research the designs and then decide which one to go for. You can also add roses, or if your dog passed away, you could add the date as well to remember and honor your dog.


14. This black and red Santa Muerte tattoo.  

Santa Muerte for Daniela

The flower-side skull tattoos are considered old school and look super cool as well. The black and red shading goes really well together. The picture denotes the tattoo santa muerte, where a woman is wearing a cape that is kept locked with a red brooch, and the rose is worn as a head tiara. The figure is holding a sand watch which denotes time. ‘time is precious and time and tide wait for none. This figure denotes that time will arrive for everyone. Beautiful concept, and I really appreciate the person who thought over this concept.


15. This white, grey and black Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa muerte girl tattoo on shoulder

This figure is so pretty as it looks great with white, grey, and black shading. The shading work is so pretty that it makes the tattoo look extraordinary. This is so attractive and looks pretty. The tattoo also has illuminating works in it and looks unique. Another tattoo santa muerte denotes the same meaning. These tattoos literally have the same meaning and nothing different. I really like this tattoo. The eyes especially look super real, and this is the part that attracts me the most. The design has pretty face designs, as always.


16. This colorful Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa muerte sugar skull

The amount of pain that you have to go through to bring on this design is way too much. But it will all seem worthwhile once you look at the piece of art and appreciate it cause it is really pretty. The design has the face of the dead along with two sugar skulls. There is a bluebird and different flowers drawn along with it. I can’t decipher this meaning as the tattoo has way too much detailing, but it’s a great design, and if you are planning to get your tattoo in a larger space, then you can go for this design.


17. This stylish Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte tattoo by Halasz Matyas

This Santa Muerte tattoo is drawn in traditional form. The beautiful illustration win hearts, and it indeed looks really pretty and attractive. This Santa Muerte tattoo feels like it has a woody finish to it, and a more natural color is used to sketch this tattoo. The idea is simple yet classic. I’ve never in my life imagined that a tattoo would look so pretty. You can literally go for this design if you don’t like a tattoo with such vibrant colors. This will suit everyone as far as I feel.


18. This traditional Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte Tattoo by Marshall Brown

This is beyond my words as it is ineffably beautiful. There might be a question about what inspires you to go for this tattoo, then. It is the truth of life. This tattoo is totally based on a skeleton structure that is wearing a scarf. The painting is beautifully margined with Lotuses, and there is a sun-like structure behind the skeleton. The tattoo is simple, yet it is phenomenal. A grim reaper tattoo indeed, and by now, you know about the grim reaper, I suppose, so I’m not repeating it.


19. This terrifying Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte Tattoo by Spirits

This tattoo santa muerte is quite terrifying and scary, but the tattoo is dark. The tattoo is so pretty. The skeleton has thorns coming out from his head, and it’s holding a cross on a chain in hand. The tattoo is surely unique, but if you are into daring and dark gothic stuff, then you would like this tattoo for sure. The skeleton of a saint who is joining hands and praying. This is another form of Santa Muerte Tattoo. You can get this tattoo on your arms, back, or chest also if you are daring that much.

20. This Santa Muerte Tattoo.


Another lady Santa Muerte Tattoo that is breathtaking. As the design and the illustration of the tattoo is really great and looks like real. The eyes and sketching of the face make it look real. Honestly, what an attractive piece of art! Santa Muerte tattoos are a piece of art in themselves. If you don’t like vibrant colors and bright-colored tattoos, then you must go for this tattoo. I mean, the design is to die for. If you are someone who’s into simple and skin-like tattoos, then definitely go for this one.