50 Drop Dead Gorgeous Santa Muerte Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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41. This smokey eyes tattoo.

Santa Muerte13

This is also a similar tattoo as I mentioned in the previous one, but the difference is this tattoo looks like the girl is looking from a torn old paper. That’s what makes the tattoo different, and again, her hands are resting on her face, and it looks like she is looking at something or observing something. The girl has beautiful purple smokey eyes and a ring on one of her fingers. Again her face is covered with wonderful face illustrations, which definitely looks stunning. I really love the idea of the design, and Santa Muerte tattoos always convey silent messages and maybe there’s a silent message from this one as well. Look for one. 

42. This Santa Muerte animation.

Santa Muerte14

As I mentioned earlier, if you are into making Santa Muerte Tattoos but you think the traditional and the original designs are way too loud, then you can definitely go for animation-style designs. These look much more classic, and the animation style is subtle and beautiful as well. It is mostly filled with beautiful roses and leaves, which look feminine and pretty. Definitely love this masterpiece. Great one, indeed. You should go for this if you love simple tattoos which are not too loud. 

43. This Santa Muerte arm sleeve.

Santa Muerte15

Arm sleeve tattoos are important ones as they take up quite a space, and getting a meaningful tattoo is really important. Most people spend a long time choosing the perfect arm Sleeve tattoo. Well, here I have a perfect design that you’ll love. In the tattoo, as you can see, there’s a girl with a similar Santa Muerte girl. There’s a clock drawn that denotes time and which represents that time and tide wait for none. As you appreciate living here, you should appreciate the afterlife, as well, as both are a part of your existence. 

44. This sugar skull cat tattoo.

Santa Muerte16

Sugar skull cat tattoos often mean a personal honor to the dead and deceased one. Cats are said to have nine lives which often represents resilience as well. Some believe that cat skull tattoos represent death, destruction, and disease as well. Some also choose to go for a cat tattoo just because they love cats or maybe lost their pet cat and want to keep them close as a tattoo and as a memory to remember them forever. Cat tattoos also mean luck to some people as well. Different people make tattoos getting the idea of different meanings so it depends on the person what they choose to see. 

45. This provocative Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte17

This Santa Muerte tattoo is seductive and also provocative. The girl is wearing a revealing outfit and is holding a skull in one of her hands. As you might already know that in this religion, rosary beads are used for chanting and prayer, just like it is used in Christianity. Skull represents the afterlife and death. This tattoo is quite pretty as the hair of the girl is beautifully made. You can go for this tattoo if you want something bold out of it.

46. This fantastic Santa Muerte back piece.

Santa Muerte18

We already talked about a similar small piece earlier, and this is just a bigger version of that small tattoo. Here a Santa Muerta girl is kissing a skeleton; as you know that Santa Muerte protects everyone against death and despair. What it exactly means that’s a matter of question. This beautiful masterpiece looks really great. The full-back is covered with this tattoo. You can also get this tattoo done in some other place in a small form as it looks great as well.

47. This sugar skull owl.

Santa Muerte19

As you might know, owls are a great thing to get tatted on. Owls look super cool, and I really like the concept of tattooing owls. But this owl tattoo is different. There is a sugar skull hidden behind the body of the owl. Looks super good. Owl tattoos are honestly super great, and I really love this tattoo. Mandala art is associated with all tattoos, and I really like this. No matter what, this looks super good. You can also get this tattoo done if you love the bohemian touch of your tattoos. This looks tribal and boho. 

48. This creepy Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte20

This tattoo santa muerte looks creepy, but the art is beautiful indeed. The girl is beautifully decorated with roses in the form of a tiara, and roses are filled with thorns. It depicts the beauty and also harsh life together. The girl is hugged with thorns which depict the pain in life. The tattoo is seductive as well and really meaningful. You can hop on this tattoo, as this is a meaningful tattoo. A tattoo should be really meaningful that remind you of something whenever you look at your tattoo. That’s what is important. 

49. This gorgeous Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte21

This tattoo is indeed beautiful and colorful. This is a beautiful tattoo where the face of the girl is also mixed with the skull. The roses have a danger sign in between that it shows and portrays. The girl is facing her face sideways, and girl looks gorgeous. Santa Muerte tattoos pay off a fine line between life and death, and these tattoos represent that itself. There’s nothing more or nothing less. Life and death and important elements in a person’s life which we often forget about.

50. This sad beauty.

Santa muertev3

The blue and orange-hued tattoo looks great as the color combination matches the look so well. Here the girl is sad, and the girl is crying. This tattoo looks cheerful, but the vibe it pays off is sad. The contrast between graceful and sadness is fully depicted through this tattoo. Life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes it’s great, and sometimes, it’s painful. We need to cherish and withstand both of them. These tattoos are really great, and you can try out these tattoos if you are planning to. I hope it helped you know more about these tattoos, and it will help you to decide which tattoo to go for.