50 Drop Dead Gorgeous Santa Muerte Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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21. This crying Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa muerte tattoo on side

This Santa Muerte Tattoo is blue in color, and the girl in the tattoo is crying. The tattoo is embedded with different colored roses, like purple and red, with lots of leaves beside. The tattoo is made with lots of color shading and vibrant colors. As Santa Muerte is a symbol of hope and protection, and for others, she is the symbol of death and despair. As death and despair are painful, this tattoo is crying to represent that. Santa Muerta tattoo can have different meanings, so this is one side of the coin. There can be different meanings as well, which you can decipher as well.


22. This black traditional Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa muerte- tattoo for gang member

This is a Santa Muerte virgin tattoo. Here the saint is depicted as the queen, and she is joining her hands and standing. As I mentioned earlier, the dress of Santa Muerte is quite similar to the virgin mary, so it looks really great. There is a cross that makes the tattoo more attractive. This is a traditional design of tattoo santa muerte, and you can go for this if you want your tattoo to be minimal and yet beautiful. I love this tattoo because of its vast significance and details.


23. This sassy Santa Muerte tattoo.

Sexy woman Santa Muerte tattoo

I hope you will go through a lot of designs at first before deciding on the tattoo design and where you want to place your tattoo. The first thing you need to do is decide on the genre of Santa Muerte Tattoo you want to go for. The first will be either a traditional one, a sassy one, or a gothic and dark Santa Muerte Tattoo. This tattoo has a sassy and intense vibe to it. As the tattoo is permanent, you should always check out for more designs before choosing one. You can go for this if you are looking for something sassy.


24. This hear shaped Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte his and hers

This heart Shaped Santa Muerte Tattoo is perfect for couples who are into this religion or belief. This is a perfect way to showcase your love for Santa Muerte and also you can pair this tattoo with your lover. How beautiful this tattoo looks. The tattoo represents two figures, one is of a man, and the other is of a woman. They both are together and happy. This is also a minimal design, so if you are looking for minimalistic tattoo designs, then hop on for this design. Love leads life, and that’s what this tattoo refers to.

25. This exquisite Santa Muerte tattoo.

wonderful Santa Muerte girl tattoo

Ahh, what a piece of art! The woman is looking upwards with her hands closer to her cheeks. Her eyes are beautifully decorated with blue color, and the border is embedded with red stones to make it look precious and luxurious. Her hair is decorated with blooming roses all over, and her forehead represents a net-like spider design. The name of the tattoo is ‘day of the dead, and I don’t know why it’s called like this, though. 

26. This watercolor Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte faded tattoo

Another day of the dead tattoo that you need to take a look at. This tattoo is made in a watercolor style that looks fantastic. The tattoo contains mandala art which looks boho, and I think it looks super cool as well. You can really get this tattoo if you are into beautiful patterns and colors. Such a beautiful design. The girl is holding a blue cloth with both of her hands and just looking at the eyes; it’s so realistic. You should definitely checklist this design if it fulfills your conditions. 

27. This Asian style Santa Muerte tattoo.


This tattoo santa muerte has the same design but with an Asian touch to it. The face is that of an Asian, and that is what makes this tattoo special. If you are an Asian, then consider getting this design instead. I specifically love the eye details, especially the eyelashes. Looks super good. Lotus is considered a primary flower in Asia, and it is also a national flower in some Asian countries. In that case, the lotus is beautifully patterned around the eye portion. This is not the original Santa Muerte Tattoo design, but still, I loved the concept, and you can try getting this tattoo if you want. 

28. This chilling Santa Muerte tattoo.

Another scary Santa Muerte tattoo

This tattoo is honestly a bit scary and most intense. The eyes, especially, are kind of scary as it radiates anger and it visible for the contrast of the eye color. The hair of the girl is open, and then there is a cross drawn on her forehead. This is a chilling Santa Muerta tattoo. The tattoo is done on the arms, and you can choose that place as well. Personally, this tattoo is not my choice, but it depends as people have different opinions.

29. This Santa Muerte tattoo.

Santa Muerte 1

Sugar skull tattoos are so much in trend right now, and you can actually get this tattoo done if you are into sugar skull tattoos. The throat of the girl has been cut for several times, and the girl is wearing a cape. I love this tattoo as it is really great. Anyway, you can go for this pretty tattoo. Santa Muerte tattoos act as a great fashion statement as well as it looks cool. You can definitely try it out but make sure you know about Santa Muerte and everything before actually hopping in doing the tattoo.

30. This black and grey tattoo.

Santa Muerte

This is a chest tattoo, and it looks how beautiful this is!! I mean, I really loved the design and the work as well. The hair strokes and the face structure everything looks like a photograph of a person. Honestly, the patterns on her face make the tattoo look more extraordinary. This gets love from my end as I really love the tattoo design. This is a sugar skull kind of tattoo as well, and you need to check this out. I really love this tattoo to be honest. Black and grey Santa Muerte tattoos are the prettiest one and it looks quite put together as well.