45 Best Hippy Trippy Tattoos Ever Made

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

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11. This delicate tree of life tattoo.

celtic tattoo

Those who like to get tattoos with a philosophical meaning or background should get this tree of life tattoo. The ‘tree of life’ is a symbol of the connection between the heavens and the underworld. It is an important part of several philosophical, religious, and mythological traditions across the world. The tree of life is used to symbolize growth, development, and rebirth. It forms the whole essence of human life by showing birth, death, and growth. As this tattoo is big in size, it has to be made on the back. Now you get another reason to wear a backless top or dress.


12. This awesomely trippy tattoo.

fear and loathing in las vagas tattoo

Are you a fan of gangster movies or characters who are gangsters? Do you like shady or dangerous characters? If yes, then this tattoo will surely impress you. The tattoo shows a man with weird expressions on his face. The man wears sunglasses, one side of which appears to be melting. The man has a cigarette in his mouth. A substance is shown to be coming out of the head of the man. The tattoo is made intelligently, as even the shadows of objects and body parts are created. It seems as if the man is looking at someone or something on his right side. 


13. This Fear and Loathing trippy tattoo.

fear and loathing in las vagas tattoo1

If you have seen ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, which is an American dark comedy movie, then you can understand the inspiration behind this tattoo. The design of the trippy tattoos resembles the picture on the poster of the movie. A skinny character wearing a bright shirt and round hat is shown in the tattoo. Such attire is worn by people who travel to Las Vegas. The character has also worn sunglasses. A wide smile is seen on the face of the character. This tattoo is simple yet unique.


14. This impressive Ganesha tattoo.

ganesha tattoo

Lord Ganesha, who is known by 108 different names, is one of the most worshipped Hindu deities. He is known for removing obstacles in one’s personal and professional life. People worship Lord Ganesha before beginning any new activity. Idols of Lord Ganesha are made in different forms. The tattoo shows Ganesha in the most exquisite form. This large tattoo has Ganesha with six hands. He is holding a mace in one of his hands. Lord Ganesha has worn many ornaments in the tattoo.


15. This funky green voodoo trippy tattoo.

green voodoo tattoo

Voodoo dolls can scare anyone, and so can this tattoo. This tattoo is based on the concept of a voodoo doll, which is an effigy used to perform black magic. A voodoo doll resembles a person on whom one wants to cast a spell. You must have seen voodoo dolls in movies and television shows. If you want one on your arm or leg, you can get this tattoo. Unlike an original voodoo doll, the voodoo doll in this tattoo has long purple-colored hair. Details like eyes and lip sealed are taken care of in this tattoo.


16. This colorful hippy trippy tattoo.

hippy van tattoo

This colorful hippy trippy tattoo will remind you of a road trip. If you have never taken a road trip in which you would have to pass through a road surrounded by trees, this tattoo will remind you of a scenery painting you might have created in your school days. A vehicle is shown on a road that has trees on both sides. The interesting part is that the trees are shown quite differently than how they appear naturally. Trees have hues of yellow, red, and pink. The logo of Volkswagen is created on the car. The dotted border in the tattoo draws the attention of people. 


17. This cute Ice Age stoner squirrel tattoo.

ice age squirrel tattoo

If you are a movie buff, you must have watched Ice Age, which is an American computer-animated adventure comedy movie. The movie contains numerous interesting characters that are all inspired by animals. One of the characters is a squirrel named ‘Scrat’. This tattoo features a squirrel, which resembles Scrat. The squirrel holds cannabis, and thus, this tattoo is quite fascinating. Squirrels are cute creatures, but cannabis makes the squirrel in this tattoo a naughty character. Even if you don’t like movies, you can get this tattoo, as it’s simple and funny. 


18. This psychotropic full arm sleeve trippy tattoo.

intergalactic tattoo

‘Full arms tattoos’ or ‘Full sleeve tattoos’ are liked by many people, especially those who prefer to wear sleeveless clothes on their upper bodies. The design of the tattoo is such that it creates a hallucinating effect and shows what can happen inside a human being’s brain. Hence, the name ‘Psychotropic full arm sleeve trippy tattoos’. The tattoo contains patterns and shapes in mixed colors. Elements like trees and satellites are used in the tattoo.


19. This legendary John Lennon tattoo.

john lennon tattoo

The Beatles is one of the most popular rock bands in the world, even after its breakup. It was an English rock band formed in the year 1960. Many artists rose to fame due to being in this band. One of these artists is John Lennon, who was the founder, co-lead vocalist, co-songwriter, and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles. John Lennon, whose full name is John Winston Ono Lennon, was also a peace activist. This tattoo shows the face of John Lennon.



20. This trippy kitty tattoo.

kitty trippy tattoo

Many people love kitties and keep them as pets. It’s common for pet parents to get tattoos that resemble their pets. If you have a pet cat, getting this tattoo will show your cat how much you love her. The cat in this tattoo has big and bold eyes. The colors used for making the face of the cat include pink, blue, yellow, orange, red, white, and green. The cat has a large jewel on its forehead. Two feathers are attached to the jewel. The design has some jewels around the neck of the cat as well. It seems as if the cat has worn a necklace.