45 Best Hippy Trippy Tattoos Ever Made

4 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

11. This delicate tree of life tattoo.

celtic tattoo


12. This awesomely trippy tattoo.

fear and loathing in las vagas tattoo


13. This Fear and Loathing trippy tattoo.

fear and loathing in las vagas tattoo1


14. This impressive Ganesha tattoo.

ganesha tattoo


15. This funky green voodoo trippy tattoo.

green voodoo tattoo


16. This colorful hippy trippy tattoo.

hippy van tattoo


17. This cute Ice Age stoner squirrel tattoo.

ice age squirrel tattoo


18. This psychotropic full arm sleeve trippy tattoo.

intergalactic tattoo


19. This legendary John Lennon tattoo.

john lennon tattoo


20. This trippy kitty tattoo.

kitty trippy tattoo

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