How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party

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Summer is in full swing, and everyone is looking for ways to cool off and beat the heat. There is no better way to get everyone together for some fun in the sun than with the ultimate pool party. This will be your guide to throwing the perfect poolside party. From backyard set up to food and drinks, we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to throw an unforgettable pool party.

Prepare Your Backyard

There are a few things you should do ahead of time to prepare your pool and the surrounding area for guests. If your pool is getting its first use of the summer, make sure that you have prepared the water properly and have it heated in time for the party. Make sure you have plenty of fun pool floats and water activities on hand for the kids so they stay entertained while you enjoy time with your friends. If you have landscaping around your pool, make sure everything is kept up with. You can even plant some new seasonal flowers around the area to make your pool feel like a tropical oasis.
You will want to have plenty of seating available for your guests as well. Consider refreshing your existing patio furniture with fresh cushions or seat covers. If you are planning to have more guests then you have chairs for, look into event rental companies in your area. Many of these businesses will rent out chairs and tables for a lower cost then it would be to purchase them yourself. Plus, you won’t have to store them when the summer comes to an end.
If you plan to host your party into the evening hours, backyard lighting is a must. If you have trees in your yard, hang some fairy lights or lanterns up to set the mood and light up your yard. If you don’t have any space to hang lights, tiki torches are adorable around a pool and never go out of style.

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Items to Provide

While many of your guests may bring their own towels to the party, it is good hostess etiquette to provide towels for your guests when throwing a pool party. Make sure you have enough clean and dry towels for everyone to use. In addition to towels, you should also provide sunscreen for your guests. Ideally, you’ll have sunscreen that works for children and adults on hand for anyone who wants to reapply throughout the day.
It is also a good idea to provide your guests a space to change into clean clothes after they finish swimming. Bonus points if you provide these handy swimsuit bags for everyone to throw their wet suits in. They are inexpensive and make a great party favor that your guests will use time and time again.

Food and Drinks

Let’s get into the good stuff. We’re talking about food and drinks of course! No party is complete without the perfect accompaniments. Sure you can provide sandwiches, chips, and bottled drinks for everyone and call it a day, however, we believe that the perfect pool party deserves a bit more than that. Our ideal pool party starts with light and refreshing apps to be enjoyed throughout the day and ends with a classic barbeque when the sun goes down.
For starters, you can’t go wrong with fresh fruit and veggie trays. These are easy and great for everyone to pick at throughout the day. Then you can go a bit more advanced with some finger foods like mini avocado toasts, shrimp cocktail shooters, or deviled eggs for some light afternoon snacking. Then when it comes time to fire up the grill, impress your guests by grilling a protein like salmon, ribs or tofu for any vegetarian or vegan friends. Then add in some grilled veggies like snap peas, carrots, or brussels sprouts. Our favorite summer seasoning is a refreshing and zesty lemon butter, but a pesto sauce or a mango salsa are also great summer appropriate options. Then you can bring out the side dishes (you will want to prepare these ahead of time) which could be a combination of anything like a pasta, potato or mixed green salad.
As for the beverages, it is always a good idea to have a couple large coolers stocked so everyone can grab what they want. A good rule of thumb is to have one cooler filled with non-alcoholic drinks like waters, sodas, and juices, and another for the adults. Fill the adult cooler with individual wines, beers, and canned cocktails so everyone has something that they like.

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Time to Party!

Now that you’ve got your pool ready, the floaties blown up and the coolers filled, it’s finally time to party! With Labor Day fast approaching, make sure you are soaking up every bit of the summer sun by having your friends and family over for the perfect pool party.

How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party