45 Best Hippy Trippy Tattoos Ever Made

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

31. This clever roach tattoo.

roach tattoo

This roach tattoo is a small tattoo made on the inner side of the thumb. As the name suggests, it includes a roach. The word ‘roach’ is used to refer to a roll of card or paper that forms the butt of a cannabis cigarette. A roach is essentially the remains of a joint or roll-up cigarette after most of it has been smoked. If you like cool tattoos that are related to a joint, marijuana, or weed but don’t want to get a tattoo that covers your arms or legs, you should go for this tattoo.


32. This spiritual leg tattoo.

sketch style tattoo

If you are a spiritual fellow and want something on your body that can remind you of your spiritual side all the time, you can get this tattoo. This tattoo has to be made on the leg. It includes various elements such as a reindeer and a bird. The design also includes shapes like a circle and a triangle. It even has lines and dots. There are two major elements in the design of the trippy tattoos. A horizontal gap is there between these two elements. This spiritual leg tattoo can raise curiosity in anyone who looks at it.


33. This super cool Snoop Dog tattoo.

snoop dog tattoo

A tattoo can bring art and music together, and a perfect example of the same is this Snoop Dogg tattoo. Those who love rap songs must be aware of Snoop Dogg, who is one of the most iconic American rappers. If you are a fan of Snoop Dogg and want to prove your love for him, you should definitely get this tattoo. The design of this tattoo includes the face of Snoop Dogg. He is shown to be smoking a joint. In reality, too, Snoop Dogg smokes a lot of marijuana.


34. This trippy bong tattoo.

stoner bong tattoo

If you were not impressed by the bong tattoo shown earlier, you could choose this tattoo. This tattoo also has a bong, which works just like a hookah. A bong has a water reservoir, a heated bowl, and a tube with a mouthpiece. It is used to smoke marijuana and other types of drugs. The tattoo has a bong in light and dark shades of green color. Yellow and blue colors are also used in the tattoo. Smoke is shown to be coming from marijuana.


35. This stoner portrait tattoo.

stoner portrait tattoo

The word ‘stoner’ is used to refer to a person who consumes drugs on a regular basis. While stoners might not have a good reputation in society, they enjoy love and a fanbase in communities and groups that appreciate the culture of consuming cannabis. This tattoo shows a woman who is holding a joint in her hand. The tattoo is made in a way that it looks like a portrait. Warm hues of the colors blue and yellow are used. Only the face of the woman is included in the tattoo. The eyes of the woman are closed.


36. This trippy tiger tattoo.

tiger trippy tattoo

Many people have compared lions and tigers from time to time. You can come across dozens of videos online that discuss the outcome of a fight between a lion and a tiger. If you are someone who prefers a tiger over a lion, you might not have found the Rasta lion tattoo interesting enough. In such a case, you can opt for this trippy tiger tattoo. The face of a tiger made in this tattoo is extremely fascinating. Other than the natural colors of the skin of a tiger, other colors like blue, pink, green, and violet are also used.


37. This abstract bird tattoo.

trippy bird tattoo

Birds are a sign of freedom since they can fly in the sky. Who does not love freedom? Every living being craves to be absolutely free. This abstract bird tattoo also symbolizes freedom in a way. A bird of no particular type is drawn in the tattoo. In fact, the design is abstract. This tattoo might remember the drawings you made in your childhood. Children draw birds with simple features like a beak, feathers, and toes. This tattoo looks cool, funky, and colorful.


38. This colorful cat tattoo.

trippy cat tattoo

This cat tattoo will remind you of the Sphynx Cat, which is a breed of cat known for its lack of coat or fur. Cats of the Sphynx breed are hairless as they have no fur. The design of this tattoo includes the face of a cat. The cat’s face appears to be thin and wrinkled, just like the face of the Sphynx cat. The colors used are so vibrant and diverse that you would feel as if you are looking at the cat from another planet or dimension. The big and bold eyes of the cat can give others a funny jump scare.


39. This awesomely trippy chest tattoo.

trippy chest tattoos

Another trippy tattoo for your chest! This tattoo is like a whole world or universe in itself. It covers the area from just below your neck to your stomach. It even covers your belly button. Those who feel shy about going shirtless because of a flabby chest or a belly pooch can get this tattoo. An interesting mix of shapes, faces, creatures, items, and colors will make anyone look at your tattoo with deep attention. A four-legged creature is shown with a man’s face. Stars and squares are a part of the design of the tattoo.


40.This trippy death tattoo.

trippy death tattoo

Death is not a favorite subject of many people, and thus tattoos that are associated with death in any manner might not be preferred by everyone. But those who like to talk about this dark subject might like to get this trippy death tattoo. 

The design of this tattoo includes an entity that appears to be a devil or a ghost. The cloth worn by the entity is quite colorful. The entity has red eyes, red teeth, and red nails. In his mouth, there is a pipe from which the smoke is coming out. It seems as if the entity is smoking some substance.