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Hotmail support services

Hotmail was the brainchild of Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, which started in 1995. At that time, Hotmail revolutionized the area of emailing through its exciting way of operation. Microsoft acquired this email brand in 1997 and named it as MSN Hotmail. In 2012, Microsoft merged Hotmail and Microsoft Live to start a new brand, called Outlook. In the present day, Outlook is the email service provider of Microsoft, but the old Hotmail addresses are still working. The old Hotmail email addresses can be accessed by the user through the Outlook interface. The user only needs the email id and password of the email account to log in. Hotmail users are provided with a scheduling calendar and contact section to save the contacts of the people. As the Hotmail address is looked after by Outlook, if a user faces any difficulty, then the Outlook support service is also responsible for providing a solution. In this article, we will talk about the Hotmail support service, including the status of Hotmail support number and their area of concern. We will also briefly discuss the ways to reach out to the Hotmail customer service to complain about a Hotmail email address.

Why do the users need a Hotmail support service?

When Hotmail was launched in 1995, it revolutionized the whole mailing sector with its attractive features and appealing interface. Since then, Hotmail has evolved a lot throughout the years. Many features have been added, and many others have been removed to cope up with the needs of its users. It was hard for many old users to make the switch from Hotmail to another email service. As those emails contained a lot of information, it was impossible to abandon the addresses. With the ever-changing features, the technical problems associated with the email address also changes. In its present form, Hotmail users may face the issues mention below:

  • Users may encounter problems while logging into their accounts. The problem may arise due to incorrect email address or password, lost password, and so on.
  • Users may also face some problems with receiving and sending emails from the Hotmail account. The examples of such issues are- nonresponsive email folder, missing or not receiving essential emails in the inbox, and so on.
  • Another problem that arises in Hotmail is the glitches related to the spam folder. The user may not be able to empty the spam folder, or it may be receiving some important messages, which should go to the inbox folder.
  • Configuration problems are another set of issues that are faced by Hotmail users. Configuration decides on how the Hotmail account responds to the user commands. So the configuration problem includes the problems where the system does not work as the user wants it to do.
  • Interested people can still make new Hotmail email addresses by signing up for it. But they may face some problems during the process in which they will seek the help of the Hotmail support services.

What are the services provided by the Hotmail support service?

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Hotmail support service is meant to solve all the issues that a Hotmail email address user may face. The support service consists of certified, well educated, and highly experienced individuals that are always ready to walk their customers out of their misery. Here is a glimpse of the plethora of work that these tech experts fulfill-

  • As it happens in the other email addresses, some users may forget his password of the account due to redundancy. The tech experts help the user to recover or reset the password of the account.
  • The experts help the users to set up or configure the Hotmail address in their respective devices, such as iPhones, iPad, androids, and others.
  • Sometimes, there are complains of a Hotmail account getting hacked or blocked. In either case, the support service is supposed to help the user to retrieve his email.
  • Send and receive messages glitch removal is also a part of the support service’s duty. If someone is not being able to send or receive messages or having any other problem in the folders, then the Hotmail support system guides the user to rectify it.
  • The tech experts solve spam or junk folder related issues. It includes the overloading of the spam folder, the entrance of essential messages to the spam folder, and some other problems.
  • The Hotmail support system to resolve Hotmail not working representatives solve the issues related to Windows lives ID and also IMAP and POP3 settings problem.
  • There are many other types of problems that are solved by the experts of the Hotmail customer service. That is why the users get into touch with them as soon as they detect any problem in their mail address. Whatever may be the reason, quick troubleshooting is always guaranteed from the Hotmail support team.

How can the users contact the Hotmail support service?

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There are two ways to directly contact the Hotmail support services: through the Hotmail support number or through the email address itself. We will discuss them one by one.

Hotmail support number

The Hotmail support number is 1-888-828-6821. The phone support works 24*7, and the experienced representatives will give you invaluable suggestions to all your queries while working remotely. At first, you will have to follow the instructions of an automated voice, which will try to solve your problem without diverting the call to an actual human being. You will have to make some individual choices that will carefully describe your issue. If the auto system cannot solve the problem, then the call will be diverted to an actual human representative, and you can explain everything to him in detail. The average waiting time of the Hotmail support number is approximately five minutes. A user can call the service anytime to know the remedies of some difficulty or to know more about the Hotmail services. In either case, the representatives will help the user in their usual smooth and streamlined manner.

Contacting the Hotmail support service through Hotmail address

The users can reach out to the Hotmail support through their Hotmail address also. Here is how you can do it-

  • Go to the Outlook online page and log into your Hotmail account. Although you can perform the task with any Hotmail address, it is advisable to use the Hotmail account in concern.
  • On the Hotmail account page; look for the “help” option. Click on it.
  • A new page will appear. Now, choose the “view other helpful suggestions or contact us” option on the page that will display a drop-down list.
  • In the resulting drop-down list, choose the “other- contact MSN Hotmail” option.
  • It will bring out a contact form. Fill the form with every detail of your problem and send it. Wait for the support system experts to go through your way, analyze it, and get back to you with some effective fixes.

Being a free email service, Hotmail has not up to the mark support service as it should have. After the emergence of the Outlook brand, the usage of Hotmail has become limited, and hence, no proper effort has been made to improve customer services.

Hotmail support services
Hotmail support services