42 Emrah Ozhan Tattoos That Are Out Of This World

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

11. This arrow and triangle tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo1


12. This Hamsa based tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo3


13. This unique tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo4


14. This pretty Bambi tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo5


15. This dainty hummingbird tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo6


16. This exquisite owl tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo8


17. This heart shaped tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo9


18. This all seeing eye tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo10


19. This Roman soldier tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo11


20. This awesome feline tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo12

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