42 Emrah Ozhan Tattoos That Are Out Of This World

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

31. This Alice in Wonderland tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo28


32. This lion tattoo.

Emrah Tattoo29


33. This graceful flower tattoo.

Flower tattoo


34. This imposing tattoo.

Gentleman tattoo


35. This native American tepee tattoo.

Native America Teepee


36. This geometrical plane tattoo.

Plane tattoo


37. This minimalistic reindeer tattoo.

Rain deer tattoo


38. This cute robot tattoo.

Robot tattoo


39. This great flower and skull tattoo.

Skull tattoo


40. These matching sound waves tattoos.

Sound Waves


41. This rare world tattoo.

Submission tattoo


42. This tiger tattoo.

Tiger tattoo


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