38 Delicious Shoulder Tattoos For Women

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11. This enchanting full Moon tattoo.


There are people who are always very much in love with the whole concept of the night sky; they are seen adoring the moon standing on their balcony sometimes, and they are also seen inspired by the stars. If you are one of those and at the same time you love the concept of tattoos on your body, then this beautiful full moon tattoo on your shoulder will surely be a cherry on the cake thing for you. 

12. This minimalistic flower shoulder tattoo.


If you are looking for a floral pattern to be made on your shoulder in the form of a tattoo, then for your information, minimalistic flower shoulder tattoos are something in trend. If you choose this design for tattooing your shoulder, it will turn out to be a beautiful flower sitting on your shoulder with beautiful leaves and some traces of roses as well. Mainly these types of tattoo designs are preferred by females.  However, more than gender, choosing a tattoo design for yourself is your own personal choice.

13. This simple heart shoulder tattoo.


Here is a perfect choice for the hardcore romantic souls in the world of tattoos, if you are looking around for some ideas of romance and love blooming through tattoos then this can be your thing. This tattoo pattern on the shoulder is a good choice to make for any couple and also this is something that is already very popular among people. It will be nothing more than a simple touch of love and affection for each other from both the sides.

14. This exquisite mandala style shoulder tattoo.


It is a beautiful flower with 3 to 4 layers in total; if you are among those looking for floral patterns in mandala style, then yes, this can be your choice. The whole concept of Mandala-style tattoos in every way is soothing, and also it is very much positive in all aspects. These types of tattoos are always a good choice for body decor. People are mostly seen getting these inked on their shoulders, but the choice of which body part one wishes to get done with still lies with the people.

15. This adoring maltese puppy tattoo.


This is a perfect design to choose for those who are not just tattoo lovers but also are in love with animals in general or for those who have pets in their homes. The tattoo there on the shoulder will give a cute fluffy look. There is actually a cute little innocent pet puppy peeping through a bunch of beautiful flowers. People who often loose a lovely pet of themselves, sometimes also ink such tattoos in remembrance of their love. This flower shoulder tattoo with puppy face will be adored by all individuals.

16. This neat labyrinth shoulder tattoo.


To give a depiction of this particular shoulder tattoo design this has been signifying fear and hope. So, when you say every coin comes with two sides, this can be an excellent example for proving that. So, yes, those who wear this as a shoulder tattoo can be regarded as those people who do have their own fears like any human on Earth, but at the same time, their hopes are the weapons that help them fight against all odds and triumph. It looks like a kind of maze, that makes the personality of the individual mysterious for the person standing opposite to them.

17. This colorful Hawaii inspired shoulder tattoo.


Well, a colorful, Hawaii Inspired shoulder tattoo is a good way of attracting beauty and positive, happy vibes to one’s life and soul. If you are looking for something that can add rainbows or some more eye-soothing soul-soothing color combinations, then you can fulfill all your needs through these kinds of shoulder tattoo designs. Such designs will surely add a lot of required positivity and soulful, beautiful colors to your day-to-day lives. Such are good designs to choose from if you are a female very much in love with the flowers and some vibrant, attractive colors.

18. This geometrically pleasing shark tattoo.


Regarding tattoos, there are a lot of designs available in the market to choose from, but out of all those available designs, the geometric ones are the most popular among people. The reason such geometric shark tattoos or any other types of geometric tattoos are so popular among people is that it helps them maintain a good balance in life along with better stability.  This type of geometric tattoo often indicates mystery in the character of the person wearing them. 

19. This lovely frangipani shoulder tattoo.


There is nothing much in this shoulder tattoo design to depict or provide meaning for the frangipani shoulder tattoo. It is nothing more than a single beautiful flower on the shoulder. As a tattoo design, this one will be best suited for those who wish to have tattoo art on their body but also want it to be simple and attractive. Floral tattoo designs have always been a safer choice to be made by anyone to fulfill their hobby.    

20. This exquisite floral shoulder tattoo.


Looking at this exquisite floral shoulder tattoo, one can depict that it gives a good nostalgic, or we can say, poetic kind of feel coming out through its black and white structure.  Other than this, such black-and-white structures, when put to use as tattoos, are often taken as a symbol of the mysterious soul of the person wearing them.  All these tattoos with black-and-white backgrounds and structures are always very popular as tattoo art among people going to tattoo parlors nowadays.

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