Delicious Shoulder Tattoos For Women: 37+ Unique Ideas (2024)

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

21. This pretty shoulder tattoo.


Shoulder tattoos have always been very popular among females; they are often seen getting different types of beautiful colorful and black and white floral tattoos engraved on their gorgeous shoulders. Floral tattoos are famous among people for indicating delicate soft hearted beautiful souls and personalities. Also, different flower tattoos indicate differently. Some indicate strength then others indicate that a person is moving toward a healing path. As far as this back-and-white tattoo is concerned, they do indicate a person living with mysteries within.

22. This blackwork shoulder and upper arm tattoo.


Shoulder and upper arm tattoos are equally popular, especially with floral patterns. These beautiful flower shoulder tattoo with leaves, petals, and flowers indicate strength in a lady. Also, they appear sexually very appealing to the opposite gender. Flowers, plants, and leaves in every way, if taken as a tattoo, have always led a person to more positivity in life. However, there is no set rule that only a female can opt for a floral shoulder tattoo; things like tattooing are always very personal and, therefore, should be left to an individual’s personal choice.  

23. This intricate epaulette shoulder tattoo.


This is another popular geometric tattoo design that is there among all other types of designs; now, to go further with geometric tattoo designs like these than in the ancient roots, you will find them in connection with the spiritual aspects of life; however, in rhe modern times these indicate balance, stability, and intelligence as part of a person’s personality. However, in some instances, the indication of a geometric black-and-white tattoo may also lead to something mysterious about a particular person. 

24. This elegant shoulder tattoo.


These types of elegant and graceful shoulder tattoos are very popular these days for both men and women. These types of black artworks, when seen on women without a doubt for any opposite gender, appear to be very attractive and sexually appealing. These tattoos are also good to be considered for tattooing any other body parts as well, as per an individual’s choice. Different types of backgrounds are available for people, but black backgrounds are still the most popular in the world of tattoos.  

25. This phenomenal mandala style shoulder tattoo.


These Mandala style tattoos are often seen on people’s shoulders; they are trendy these days. These types of tattoos are known to symbolize an outstanding balance between the heart and mind of a person. If we look at this particular tattoo, it is a  beautiful depiction of delicacy wrapped in multiple layers under the covers of beautiful flowers and petals.  These tattoo patterns are seen as more popular in the Buddhist culture and also in the world of Christianity.

26. This amazing dotwork shoulder tattoo.


Shoulder tattoos have been popular among males and females ever since the concept of tattooing on the body started. The reason for shoulder tattoos’ popularity is the symbolizing of strength that is associated with the shoulder.  Dotwork is a particular type of tattoo art that is known for showing two different types of outcomes from the design. Looking at it from afar will appear as something else; however, if one gives it a closer look, it turns out to be something else.  

27. This neat constellation dotwork tattoo.


If you are planning to wear a constellation dotwork tattoo, then this indicates the fighter spirit in you, or if you see anybody wearing this type of tattoo on their shoulder or on any other body part, then that indicates the same thing regarding the person’s personality. It is a whole metaphor that says a person wearing such a tattoo always knows his or her way in life, and even if he or she is lost, they are still capable of returning to themselves.  

28. This pretty sunflower shoulder tattoo.


Is another popular type of tattoo in the floral pattern; if you are looking for nothing but an elegant, peaceful appearance of a flower on your shoulder, then this would be the right choice. A sunflower tattoo on the shoulder usually signifies joy, happiness, positivity, and many more positive emotions.  So, in every way, these sunflower shoulder tattoos are a great choice to be made if one wishes to wear a meaningful tattoo on his or her shoulder. 

29. This delicate crossed flower tattoo.


Yes, in the floral pattern tattoos, these delicate crossed flower ones have their own special place. They are mostly chosen by people when they wish to pay tribute to any of their loved ones once they are gone for a heavenly abode. So, such tattoo designs are always very close to people’s hearts and are mostly a sign of good memories of them with those who have gone far away, leaving a permanent void in their hearts forever. 

30. This vivid rose shoulder tattoo.


Rose and flower shoulder tattoo, in every case, are significant for many things, be it purple, blue, red, or black. These are always associated with positive adjectives like bravery, love, beauty, strength, and much more. So, if you get to see a person with a rose shoulder tattoo, then yes, the person’s personality reflects love, bravery, and strength and in some cases, rose shoulder tattoo-wearing people are good with great sacrifices as well. There cannot be any other better explanation or depiction of this tattoo.