55 Sensational Blackwork Animal Tattoos

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

41. This absolutely fantastic praying mantis tattoo.

praying mantis tattoo by annelise kinney

(photo by Annelise Kinney)

42. This sacred elephant tattoo.

sacred elephant tattoo by thomas bates

(photo by Thomas Bates)

43. This neat snake tattoo.

snake tattoo by annelise kinney

(photo by Annelise Kinney)

44. This fabulous stag tattoo.

stag tattoo by frank carrilho

(photo by Frank Carrilho)

45. This super realistic stag tattoo.

46. These intricate tiger and panther tattoos.

47. This traditional style tiger tattoo.

tiger tattoo by blackworkers

(photo by blackworkers)

48. This traditional style snake tattoo.

traditional snake tattoo by phil berge

(photo by Phill Berge)

49. This unique tortoise tattoo.

turtle tattoo by hugotattooer

(photo by hugotattooer)

50. This perfect tortoise tattoo.

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