55 Sensational Blackwork Animal Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Blackwork tattoos Rock. Animal tattoos are awesome. Blackwork animal tattoos? An overload of awesomeness! There are all sorts of styles being used by blackworking tattooers, all of which have brilliant outcomes. From sketch, to dotwork, to fine line, to blackout, to negative effects, to shading and traditional, blackwork tattoos have really come a long way. And tattooers are getting better and better at tattooing. They are also getting more and more creative. Seriously though, how the hell are we supposed to choose a design we like from all the hundreds of  brilliant, perfect and mindblowing examples circling the world?

Blackwork animal tattoos are classy and mysterious. They stand out due to their bold lines and complex patterns. They impose respect and admiration. These blackwork animal tattoos include creatures from the skies, the earth and the oceans. Thanks for caring, thanks fro sharing.

Table of Contents

1. These brilliant bees blackwork animal tattoo.

bee tattoo by felipe cesar

(photo by Felipe Cesar)

2. This captivating bird tattoo.

3. This enchanting birds tattoo.

bird tattoo by ricardo da maia

(photo by Ricardo da Maia)

4. This ferocious cat tattoo.

cat tattoo by black geometry

(photo by Otheser_dsts)

6. This fantastic duck tattoo.

duck tattoo by hugotattooer

(photo by hugotattooer)

7. This exquisite flamingo tattoo.

8. This delicate geometric bird tattoo.

geometric bird tattoo by melina wendlandt

(photo by Melina Wendlandt)

9. This incredible horse tattoo.

horse tattoo by nouvelle rita

(photo by Nouvelle Rita)

10. This incredibly cute giraffe tattoo.

Giraffe tattoo by hugotattooer

(photo by hugotattooer)