Top 7 Food Items You Should Have on Your Charcuterie Board

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Your Charcuterie Board

Who knew that a simple board filled with different food items would become trendy. The charcuterie board is a sophisticated addition to the table during parties, wine nights, or intimate gatherings with friends or family. The assembly of this aesthetic dish starts with a wooden board, and then anyone has the creative freedom to lay all the food down and sort them out into an eye-catching design. 

Charcuterie boards contain all sorts of food items that anyone can easily pick up and munch on. Anyone can put a variety of cheeses, nuts, biscuits, and cold meat cuts like mortadella. But before asking, “What is mortadella?” find out about these seven food items you can include in your charcuterie board. 

Top 7 Delicious Food Items for Your Next Charcuterie Board Setup

1. Add Healthy Food Options With Some Grapes 

Grapes are delicious fruits that have been around for 8,000 years now. They are grown in a rich garden environment since they are made into other food products like wine. Grapes are part of the berry family and are rich in fiber, vitamins, and potassium. This super fruit can also prevent and fight cancers and cardiovascular diseases. 

Grapes in a charcuterie board are a common and healthy addition to the charcuterie board. You are free to choose between purple or green grapes, and you can decide to put them separately or lay them with their stems.

2. Add a Pop of Red to Your Board With Some Cherries 

If you want a sweet and sour flavored fruit on your charcuterie board, cherries are the best option. These popping red-colored fruits have a juicy mouthfeel and are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Surprisingly, cherries are a perfect pair to salty cheeses like gouda, pecorino, and cheddar. 

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Place some bright-colored tart or sweetened deep red cherries, depending on your liking. Cherries are a perfect addition to your Christmas board or even your Valentine’s day board. 

3. Place Some Healthy Nuts Like Cashews

Cashews are one of the most sophisticated nuts in the market, and it is also quite pricey. But it would not hurt purchasing it once in a while, especially during special occasions. After all, they have nutrients like healthy fat, fiber, and protein that help control blood sugar levels. 

The crunchy and savory cashews are an excellent addition to your charcuterie board. Your guests will surely enjoy a symphony of flavors in small bites.  

4. Add Some Crunchy Texture to Your Board With Sweet or Savory Pretzels

Mini pretzel biscuits are some of the affordable items you can place on your charcuterie board. You do not have to worry about finding them in expensive markets. There are a variety of pretzels to choose from, the salted ones, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and even soft pretzel bites. Adding some honey and different dips can be a perfect pair for these pretzels. 

If you do not have to run to the market, you can always make pretzels from scratch. You need essential ingredients such as flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and your choice of flavorings and added ingredients to make the pretzels taste better. 

5. Place Brie Cheese at the Center of Your Board

A savory charcuterie board is not complete without different cheeses. One of the famous cheeses placed on a charcuterie board is the brie, and it is a soft cheese made from fresh cow’s milk. The French dairy makers always make sure that they eat anytime, and they ensure that every step is done accurately, especially with the temperature during cook time. 

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The Brie cheese is usually placed whole on the center of the charcuterie board. So that guests can easily slice through the brie using their biscuits, nuts, and pretzels. It is also a perfect combination with stone fruits like apricots, plums, and peaches which you can also add to the board. 

6. Slice Some Cubes of Everyone’s Favorite, Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar cheese is so famous that even kids love it. It is commonly used for pizzas, pies, and pasta, which is why it made a household name for itself. Unlike the brie, cheddar has a more tough texture and sharper taste, and that is why it is cut into cubes whenever it is served on a charcuterie board. The cheddar cubes are usually eaten alongside the cold meat cuts to balance the slightly bitter taste and smoky meat flavors.

7. Place Some Savory Cold Meat Cut on Your Board Like Salami 

Salami is one of the popular meats placed on a charcuterie board. It is a cured, and fermented pork sausage that originated in many parts of Europe. Salami is a delicate type of meat because it takes a long process to be of high quality, must be stored in room temperature environments, and consumed within 40 days. The traditional ingredients of salami include garlic, minced meat fat, salt, pepper, vinegar, wine, and various herbs and spices. Some European countries have also made salami out of horse and donkey meat. 

Salami is the perfect cold meat cut selection if you have enough budget. Especially if you have wine, having slices of salami on the board will bring a delicious pop of red like the cherries. It is easy to serve and a great pair with cheese and crackers.


Parties and events are never complete without food. The charcuterie board is just one of the trendy aesthetic ways of plating that anyone can do, and it gives people the creative freedom to layout and design different snacks for their guests to try. 

Having a charcuterie board is such an added appeal point, and it will make any party look classy and sophisticated. Setting up food items like this is also the perfect family bonding even before the party starts. Are you interested in knowing more about different food lifestyles? Then is the ideal website for you! Thank you so much for sticking ’til the end, and make sure to browse through the different dishes that you should try at home!

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