59 Sublime Feather Tattoos That Look Gorgeous

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

41. This lovely grey feather tattoo.

grey feather tattoo


42. This chic hand heather tattoo.

hand tattoo


43. This enormous colorful feather tattoo.

huge colorful feather


44. This impressive Indian feather tattoo.

Indian Feather Tattoo


45. This intricate feather tattoo.

intricate feather


46. This love life infinity feather tattoo.

love life feather


47. These matching black and white feather tattoos.

matching feathers


48. These ying and yang feather tattoos.

ying and yang feather tattoo


49. This mini mandala feather tattoo.

mini mandala feather


50. This fancy Indian feather tattoo.

native American feather