59 Sublime Feather Tattoos That Look Gorgeous

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

51. This one of a kind, yellow eyed tiger feather tattoo.

orange eye tiger feather


52. This glamorous peacock feather tattoo.

pacock feather


53. This exquisite peacock feather tattoo.

Peacock feather tattoo


54. This fiery phoenix feather tattoo.

phoenix tattoo


55. This Sagittarius symbolism tattoo.

saggitarius feather and arrow


56. This explosion of color feather tattoo.

watercolor feather1


57. This clear watercolor feather tattoo.

watercolor feather2


58. This amazing white feather tattoo.

white ink feather


59. These wistful wrist feather tattoos.

wrist feathers