59 Sublime Feather Tattoos That Look Gorgeous

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

21. This neat hip feather tattoo.

colorful hip tattoo


22. This brilliant forearm feather tattoo.

Cool feather tattoo


23. This David Grohl feather tattoo.

David Grohl


24. These delicate flying birds.

delicate birds


25. This dotwork feather tattoo.

dotwork feather


26. This dreamcatcher feather tattoo.



27. This cool ear feather tattoo.

ear feather tattoo


28. This faith and love feather tattoo.

faith and love tattoo


29. This black and white anklet feather tattoo.

feather ancklet


30. This black and white heart tattoo.

feather with a heart

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