43 Face Tattoos That Are Surprisingly Awesome

6 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

11. These groovy face and finger tattoos.

Chin face tattoo


12. This meaningful forehead tattoo.

Dainty face tattoo


13. These awesome face tattoos.

Fashion Face tattoo


14. This gorgeous portrait face tattoo.

Gorgeous face tattoo


15. This unique line across the face tattoo.

Line face tattoo


16. This pretty geometric side face tattoo.

Pretty face tattoo


17. This terrifying skeleton koi fish tattoo.

Skelleton koi fish face tattoo


18. This solid spider web face tattoo.

Spiderweb face tattoo


19. These teeny tiny face tattoos.

Tiny face tattoo

 20. This tribal tattoo.

Tribal face tattoo 5