A Girl’s Dream Come True, Kawaii Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

11. This magical cake Kawaii tattoo.


It is a tattoo of a slice of cake. This kawaii tattoo is a delicious-looking slice of cake that has blue icing dripping from the sides. It is a cake that looks spongy and looks like the perfect slice. The cream in between the two layers has little stars. And it has a cherry on top with sprinkles on the icing. 

A few violet-colored flowers with green leaves decorate the cake. The tattoo is also decorated with twinkling pink stars. Pink shimmers add a fun mood to the tattoo.

12. This romantic Golden Gate Kawaii tattoo.


This tattoo is of the Golden Gate Bridge, and it is given a heart frame. The frame helps in keeping the bridge as small as a tattoo. Inside the frame, one can see the Golden Gate Bridge, a blue sky behind it, and a rainbow. Pink clouds and golden stars are also seen inside the frame. Twinkling stars are also part of this blue sky. 

Coming to the heart frame is made of purple beads, and small pink hearts surround the outer side of the frame. At the bottom of the frame, there is a pink heart that looks like it’s a gem as light is getting reflected on it. A few other heart and star charms are used to decorate the bottom part of the tattoo. 

13. This delightful Digimon Kawaii tattoo.


Digimon Kawaii Tattoo is a tattoo of a Digimon virtual pet. The virtual pet is bright pink and decorated with tiny pink hearts. It is designed in such a way that every little detail of the virtual pet is understandable. If someone looks closely, they can see that there is a blue shimmer coming from behind the Digimon. Other than the tattoo of the virtual pet, there are a few designs from the Digital Monster franchise. All the designs are very colorful. There are also purple hearts of different sizes, adding more color to the tattoo. These hearts are glittery purple which also makes the tattoo look glamorous. What binds it all together are twinkling blue stars. 

14. This jewel encrusted skull Kawaii tattoo.


Skulls are usually not considered to be cute. But this one is a kawaii tattoo because the skull has a bedazzled heart on the forehead. The tattoo is of a skull that is decorated with hearts, stars, and random shapes. These decorations are seen to be painted on the skull. The eyes sockets are blue instead of black, and there are twinkling stars in them. Instead of a nose, there is an inverted blue heart. A pink glittery moon is placed at the left top corner of the tattoo to make it look glamorous. Other things used to decorate the skull are yellow stars, blue shimmers, and twinkling stars. This kawaii tattoo is a new kind of tattoo as despite being a skull, it is bedazzled and glamorous.

15. This charming little cat Kawaii tattoo.


The tattoo is of a grey cat trying to eat a slice of pepperoni pizza. It is an extremely kawaii tattoo because a cute cat is holding a slice of pizza with its two front paws that are too big for it. And the fact that you can see its two tiny teeth as it is trying to eat the pizza makes it even more adorable. The cat has big blue eyes, pink ears, and pink heart paws. It also has a pink blush.

 This tattoo is decorated with twinkling pink stars. Heart and circle bubbles are also used to decorate the tattoo. The presence of pink shimmer makes the tattoo look very cute. 

16. This adorable bunny Kawaii tattoo.


Bunnies have always been very cute creatures. And that makes a kawaii tattoo. It is also a very simple yet colorful tattoo. 

The tattoo is of a white bunny with a blue bow around its neck. It has blushing cheeks and pink twinkling eyes. The bunny is surrounded at the bottom by pink flowers, petals, and green leaves. One of the best parts of the tattoo is the sky behind the bunny. It is a very beautiful sky that is a mixture of blue, purple, and pink. The colors all meet at a place, and the places of fusion make it look like a painting. Lastly, twinkling stars are seen in the sky, which makes the tattoo look even more dreamy. 

17. This inviting beach cocktail Kawaii tattoo.


This is a kawaii tattoo but a complicated one. At first look, it is a tattoo of a cocktail with an umbrella and a lime slice at the edge of the glass. Upon looking closer, one can see the scenery inside the glass. The scene inside the glass is of a beach with a palm tree. And you can see the setting sun in the scene as well. The setting sun has eyes and a subtle smile. The rest of the scenery is decorated with twinkling stars. The sea inside the cocktail is shimmery, and the sky looks like the evening sky, having the colors purple, pink, and orange. The tattoo also has a pink bow and violet flowers decorating the bottom of the cocktail glass. Pink and purple twinkling stars surround the cocktail glass, binding the whole tattoo together. 

18. This awesome Adventure Time Kawaii tattoo.


This is the best tattoo for adventure time fans. The tattoo of Jake the dog with flushed cheeks. Jake is tattooed inside a heart frame. The frame is made of pink pearls, and the bottom of the frame is decorated with violet flowers. Inside the frame, one can see a shimmery blue sky and a rainbow. Twinkling stars are also seen inside the frame. Jake is also done well in the tattoo, and all the shades of yellow are tattooed perfectly to make it look very real. Lastly, little pink and violet stars decorate the