How to Style Graphic Tank Tops for Fall

by in Fashion

Depending on where you live, you might be facing some cooler weather in the coming weeks or you may be experiencing lingering warm fronts from the summer. Fall is a time for sweaters, jeans, and our heftier clothing items to keep us warm when temperatures drop in the evening but still keep us comfortable when the sun is coming down during the day. Mens graphic tank tops are a great way to meet in the middle if you’re still getting waves of warm weather. How does a tank top work in fall you might ask? There are tons of ways to style a tank top this fall and mens graphic tank tops add a little bit of flare to your fall outfits and give you the option to cool down if the weather gets too warm. If you’re wondering how you can style a mens graphic tank top this fall, then keep reading for some great style suggestions! 


When it comes to fall and tank tops, think about layers. Layers give dimension to our general aesthetic and options for fluctuating temperatures. And there are plenty of options to meet your own personal style. Whether you’re a more casual dresser or you like to dress up for your work days, tank tops are a wonderfully versatile clothing option for keeping yourself warm and stylish this fall. Each of these suggestions allows for wearing some cooler weather garments while leaving an option to strip layers and cool down if it gets too warm. Let’s explore some of the options for layering mens graphic tank tops. 

Under a Shirt 

The first option we’ll present is to layer a tank top under a button down shirt. This is a great way to layer patterns as well. If you’re wanting to layer a graphic tank top, a simpler pattern shirt on top will look the best. Checkered, striped or patterned shirts may clash with the design on your graphic tank. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but your look will pop a lot more if you pay attention to the patterns you’re layering with. You can use this layering technique with long sleeve or short sleeve button downs depending on the forecast, event or particular mood for the day. 

Under a Jacket 

For an evening out, a mens graphic tank top would look great under a stylish jacket. A classic denim jacket over a tank top is a timeless look for going to bars, shows or clubs to meet up with friends on the weekend. This will give you the option to lose the jacket if you get too hot from dancing in doors and something to cover up with in the cool early morning air when the nights are over and you’re making your way home. 

With Overalls 

For another classic fall look, consider layering your tank top with a pair of overalls. Overalls are a versatile garment in and of themselves, and make a great option for layering your favorite tank tops this summer. Just like our other suggestions, this one offers a little more coverage for cooler weather while leaving some flexibility to dress down if it’s a warm day with a breeze. This is also a great look to add a jacket or flannel over as an additional layer for cooler, breezier days. Add some boots to this look and you’re ready to get out there and face the fall weather this season! 

Under a Cardigan 

Cardigans are a wonderful fall staple. Cardigans can be worn over just about anything, but it’s still a good idea to pay close attention to overlayering with patterns and designs. This can make your look feel a little chaotic. And if that’s what you’re going for, there’s nothing wrong with that! Style choices are all about our own personal expression. A cardigan can go right on top of a tank top with a solid pair of pants, or it can easily be added to an overalls look or on top of a shirt for added warmth on cooler days. Try picking out a few different solid colored cardigans to mix and match for different color schemes and themes. 


Mens graphic tank tops might not seem like a fall item, but tank tops are extremely versatile and work great as a layering tool to give your outfits a little pop and add a base layer to keep yourself warm on colder days. Fall can be tricky and typically, there are warm days mixed in with colder ones which can make dressing for the day difficult. In this fluctuating season, it’s a good idea to give yourself some options for warmer and cooler clothes in same outfit so you can strip and add layers as needed throughout the day.