A Girl’s Dream Come True, Kawaii Tattoos

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? Girls from all over the world are going crazy with these supper cuddly, supper sparkly Kawaii tattoos. Seriously ladies these tattoos are magical. It’s almost impossible to believe tattoos like this exist at all. Kawaii tattoos are all about girl power, anime and cartoon characters, sweet little puppies, hearts and glitter. Kawaii tattoos are exactly what little girls are made of, “sugar and spice, and all things nice”.

Laura Anunnaki is one artist who really made a name for herself in this magical girl world of Kawaii tattoos. She is currently based in Mexico and girls are flocking by the plane load in order to get their very own magical tattoo. If you never had an excuse to go to Mexico before, you do now! I’m booking my ticket as I write. Never have I ever seen something so enchanting, something that twinkles and sizzles as much as these adorable Kawaii tattoos. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

1. This fight like a girl Sailor Moon Kawaii tattoo.


This tattoo is for Sailor Moon fans. The tattoo is the face of the character Sailor Moon who is the main character of the anime of the same name. Her face is a kawaii tattoo, and you can easily understand her face, hairstyle, eyes, and smile. Sailor Moon is also given added decorations like a heart frame around her face and little pink hearts all around her. 

Along with that, you also get a tattoo of the Moon stick that Sailor Moon is seen to carry. Both these tattoos are very colorful, and the intricate details are beautifully made. Besides, the tattoos are given a shimmer and glitter effect. The tattoo looks like it’s been painted on the skin, which makes it a beautiful piece of art. 

2. These sparkly My Little Pony Kawaii tattoos.


My little pony kawaii tattoos are as adorable as they sound. They are called ponies, but they are unicorns as well. Hence, if someone loves ponies or unicorns, it is the perfect tattoo for them. Both ponies are white and have big blue eyes, pink blush, and sweet smiles. Only the faces of the ponies are tattooed. 

One of these ponies’ faces is surrounded by big and small pink hearts and a pink shimmer effect, along with a blue silk ribbon. It can be understood that the ribbon is of silk as it has that silk shine. The other pony is surrounded by big and small blue stars and a blue shimmer effect. This tattoo is very colorful, and the hair of the ponies appears silky and beautiful, giving it a very realistic look. 

3. This adorable snow globe Unicorn Kawaii tattoo.


This kawaii tattoo is a unique one. You generally don’t see people have tattoos with such details. This tattoo is of a unicorn inside a snow globe. The unicorn is a kawaii tattoo surrounded by clouds and a very pretty sky. It is a white unicorn that has glossy pink hair with a flower in it. The unicorn also has a pink tail with a blue bow. 

And the globe is beautiful as well and is decorated with a pink and purple heart and a golden star at the top. The sky and clouds both have shades of different colors, and the transition of each color into the next is very beautiful. Besides this, the sky is filled with thinking stars while the clouds have golden stars. Lastly, there are pink hearts drawn above the snow globe, making it look even prettier.

4. This enchanting Susuwatari Kawaii tattoo.


Susuwatari is a famous character in the ghibli film Spirited Away. Hence, it is a kawaii tattoo a lot of people get. The tattoo is of Susuwatari’s face surrounded by miniature Susuwatari-like creatures, twinkling stars, and tiny stars. The character is made of black, white, and purple colors, but it is surrounded by pink flowers, green leaves, and flower petals. The twinkling stars are purple, while the tiny stars are pink. Susuwatari itself is given some pink and blue shading. It is also surrounded by normal twinkling stars. At the bottom of the tattoo, a beaded jewel and two tiny heart-themed decorations tie it all together. 

5. This bedazzled Shibiusa Kawaii tattoo.


This kawaii tattoo is a small and pretty one. It is really precise when it comes to the size and decorations. There aren’t a lot of extra added effects, but they still make the tattoo look great. The tattoo is of a bedazzled pink heart that has a crown-like golden accessory at its head. It is a unique accessory as it has a star and wings. The heart is surrounded by tiny purple line hearts and pink flowers. The heart, along with other decorations, is made of different colors, and the shading is done perfectly. Besides, the heart is surrounded by tiny twinkling stars and pink petals.

6. This cute Sakura Kawaii tattoo.


This is an extremely kawaii tattoo. But it is not a tattoo of Sakura, the anime character from Naruto. It is a cute squirrel-like animal hugging a wand. All of it is very adorable and colorful. The animal is yellowish-orange in color with pink cheeks. It seems to be winking and smiling a big smile. One interesting thing about this kawaii tattoo is that the animal has little wings and a furry white tail. The wand is a pink one, and it’s shimmery. It also has a pink heart at the top, along with a wing on one side of the heart. 

The animal hugging the wand is surrounded by big and small stars that are pink, purple, and blue. There are also twinkling stars around the main attraction of the tattoo. 

7. This glittery Sailor Neptune Kawaii tattoo.


This is a tattoo of Sailor Neptune’s wand. Sailor Neptune is a character from the anime Sailor Moon. It is a very kawaii tattoo that is made using multiple colors. The tattoo can run long as it is a wand. It is a blue wand with a golden knob at the bottom. 

The stick part of the wand is a shimmery blue. At the top, there are three accessories. There is a blue heart wrapped with a pink bow, a blue moon, and a golden star. The stick part of the wand is surrounded by tiny pink hearts and the moon has a circle around it and a few tiny stars. The moon has a big heart beside it and has twinkling stars around it. 

8. This enchanting Mew and Mew2 Kawaii tattoo.


These Mew tattoos are tattoos of two Pokémons. It is the perfect kawaii tattoo for people who love these Pokémon. The tattoo is of these two Pokémon where one is sitting down, and the other is sitting. They are looking at each other and are seen to be having a conversation. One Pokémon is pink, while the other is silver. The pink one has big blue eyes, while the silver one has big purple eyes. It looks like they are sitting in a purple bubble and are surrounded by pink and purple twinkling stars. The bubble is also surrounded by pink hearts of various sizes. 

9. This sweet mermaid Kawaii tattoo.


The sweet mermaid tattoo has a lot of parts. First of all, it has a kawaii tattoo of a mermaid with purple hair and a shimmery blue tail. The mermaid looks very sweet with big blue eyes. She is shown to be making a peace sign to whoever looks at it. She has seashells as hair accessories and little pink hearts from her top attire. 

Other than the mermaid, there is a pink dolphin that has big turquoise eyes. On its body, there is also a colorful design and a star. 

Right above the mermaid is a pink seahorse. The entire tattoo is decorated with twinkling stars and bubbles to give the effect of the sea world.