Types of sex-affective relationships: Find out which one suits you best

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In recent years we are seeing how relationships are evolving a lot and that means that nowadays we can enjoy different types of relationships. To make it easier for you to identify which one suits you best, we are going to show you a list of the different types of sex-affective relationships. Once you get to know them, it will be much easier for you to find the relationship that best suits your personality.

1- Monogamous relationships

Monogamous relationships are also known as closed relationships. Within this type of relationship we can find several subtypes that we show you. However, as luxury escort girls in Madrid tell us, there are many monogamous people who seek their services to have contact with other people. This means that this type of relationship is not always as good as it is thought when people look for things they can’t find in a couple.

1.1 Traditional monogamous relationship

For many people it is also known as ideal monogamy. It is a type of relationship in which the couple can only have love and eyes for the other person, that is, they cannot feel anything for another person. But, as Casual-Escorts escorts tell us, it is an unrealistic type of relationship. After all, when we get used to a person, we look for something different to avoid monotony. That means it is very difficult to carry it out, and when it is achieved, it is because some of the feelings are hidden.

1.2 Realistic monogamy

Love is between two people, but there is the option of being attracted to a third person. In case of such an attraction, you can talk to your partner without fear. However, despite this freedom, both parties decide to be alone as a couple. No other person is allowed in the relationship.

1.3 Serial monogamy

It is a type of relationship that allows one monogamous relationship to be linked one after the other. That is to say, it is a person who has had several monogamous relationships throughout his or her life.

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1.4 Monogamy of infidelity

Despite being a type of relationship that is usually hidden, it is more present than we think. As escorts in Madrid tell us, there are many people who hire their services without their partner’s knowledge. The aim is to experience new things, even if it leads to their partner’s infidelity.

This type of relationship occurs when one of the parties begins to feel desire or attraction for a third person. This desire ends because of romantic intentions that are carried out. In this case, the unfaithful party does not say anything to the other party so that the relationship does not end. It is considered to be a relationship surrounded by deception.

2- Open relationships

It is a type of relationship that is gradually becoming fashionable because it puts an end to exclusivity and opens the door to other people. Exclusivity is not only broken at an affective level, but also at a sexual level depending on the type of relationship. This type of relationship is sometimes referred to as a non-monogamous relationship.

2.1 Open relationship

Despite the fact that the couple is strong and gets along very well, there is the possibility that one of the partners may have sporadic relationships with other people. The aim is to offer sexual freedom. Of course, both partners must agree to this type of relationship, i.e. such sporadic relationships cannot be accompanied by jealousy.

2.2 Open relationship with closed eyes

These are couples who allow sexual relations with third parties, but never talk about it. This means that the other partner may have hints, but because they do not know for sure, they do not suffer. Sometimes both partners may have sex with other people, but the subject is never discussed. The aim is to avoid creating competition and jealousy.

2.3 Traditional polygamy

It is also known as religious polygamy. It can be of two types. The most common are usually those in which a man can have several women at the same time. Many religions allow men to have as many women as they can keep.

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Another option is that a woman can have several men at the same time. But this type of relationship tends to be less common due to societal customs.

3- Polyamory

Polyamory is a type of relationship that has been gaining prominence in recent years. In this case a person has more than one loving or intimate relationship. This relationship can be with or without sex. To be true polyamory, the relationship must be long-term and simultaneous with several people. Of course, all persons concerned are aware of this type of relationship and give their consent.

3.1 Hierarchical polyamory

This is the type of relationship that has several relationships at the same time. In this case, one relationship acts as the primary partner and the others are secondary. The primary partner is the person you love the most.

3.2 Non-hierarchical polyamory

It occurs when a person has several relationships at the same time and they are all on the same level. In this case, all people are loved equally, there is no one person above the rest.

3.3 Trieja

In the case of the triplet, each person loves two other people in the group. In the case of the foursome, each person loves three people in the group. That means that within the group everyone has a relationship with each other and consequently there can be no jealousy.

3.4 Triangle

It is a type of relationship in which one person has a relationship with two other people, but those two people do not have a relationship with each other.

3.5 Swingers

These are the well-known partner exchanges. They enjoy sexuality as a couple and also enjoy having intimate and sexual relations with other partners.



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Types of sex-affective relationships: Find out which one suits you best