Six Prevailing fashion trends of 2021

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fashion trends of 2021

Fashion is something that is followed by everyone, whether men or women. It is ones of the fastest evolving industry that moves at a pace and keeps changing. People tend to follow fashion by looking upon celebrities and famous personalities to know what is in trend.  Due to the current situation around the world, many people have shifted their focus on fashions trends to pass their leisure time as well. Let’s discuss six prevailing fashion trends of 2021.

The most recent fashion trends are ones that feel comfortable to wear while still appearing to have made just enough effort to perform whatever you do throughout these weird, strange days and nights. We might all benefit from attire that helps us feel at ease and comfortable, whether it’s for daily Zoom meetings and a few important errands, the occasional (safe!) outside supper, weekend park trips, or in-person business.

While forecasting fashion trends that originate on the runway isn’t completely futile—it will always have influence—it appears that designers and retailers are increasingly looking to social media, youth culture, nostalgia, street style, and celebrities for inspiration about what’s cool and what’s current.

This year, also due to the pandemic a lot has changed as well as many industries and areas, same with the fashion industry. Models have been wearing masks and walking on the ramps. Fashion has been different; however, it is playing its role differently. 

This article revolves around fashion trends prevailing in 2021 and trends expected to come or have a comeback. Let’s jump into the fashion world and know about what’s in and what’s not. 

1. Leather Jackets- the evergreen winter fashion 

If we talk about leather jackets, it can be said that jackets have been in fashion forever. They never get outdated. Winters are all about staying cozy and warm; leather jackets are the best option one can have.  

Leather is a material that is soft and comfortable. Because of the busy life, many people prefer comfort over trends. This is exactly why most of the fashions trends of 2021 focus on comfort rather than the style or look. Moreover, leather jackets last for a more extended period of time without the fear of being ripped off. It adds to your personality and gives you an elite look. 

The leather jacket fashion is followed by both; men and women. You can choose the colours you like and be the trendsetter by wearing these sexy leather jackets to beat the chilly weather. Many of the brands are even offering custom-made leather jackets that you can create ONLY for yourself. 

Beat the bad weather with a high sense of fashion. That would not only make you stand out but also give you the comfort that you require. 

2. High waisted pants to make a leap in men fashion

High-waisted pants are already trending in women’s fashion but are now ready to enter the men’s fashion world. According to designers, high-waisted pants will be embracing this year for men. Men are considering them as they help them look taller and leaner. 

High-waisted pants, in different incarnations, have been around for millennia, regardless of gender: Victorians in lofty tweed knickers attached to suspenders, zoot-suiters in thick pin-striped cotton that enveloped the navel, Katharine Hepburn in flowy wide-legged trousers that made her body resemble a golden statuette, seventies glam rockers in skin-tight bell-bottoms, and the nineties proliferation of a-line skirts and mom jeans.

If you want to be a trendsetter, then a follower, start with high-waisted pants to create a cool, trendy look. 

A lot of recurring fashion trends have been a part of the last two years. An example of this is the high waisted pants as well. This fashion has been followed in the early 1950s and 1960s, which is now to be seen in 2021. 

3. Statement sleeves are to rule the fashion world

Bringing back the 90’s fashion where sleeves would do the talking. This time, statement sleeves are here again to take over. It can be a balloon, or bell sleeves, or sleeves with oversized ruffles. Designers are expecting that the sleeves would prevail in the 2021 fashion era. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time the trend has gotten a lot of attention. The statement sleeves of the past, on the other hand, were more focused on subtle, adorable touches, but the 2020 ones are considerably more imaginative and risk-taking. To put it another way, it’s go big or go home time.

You can have a plain top with statement sleeves to add to the look. Wow! You look decent and chic at the same time. You can even have a formal dress with big shoulders and ruffles. You can carry the dress with a nice necklace and stilettos. You are ready to be the centre of attention for any party, casual or formal, with statement sleeves. 

Grace up your style with simple tops and statement sleeves. Let the sleeves do the talking. 

4. Shackets 

Shackets are something in between a jacket and a shirt. It is thicker than a shirt and lighter than a jacket. If you are looking for a perfect layering piece that is also trendy, shacket must be your choice. Men and women can use shackets to wear on a t-shirt or a sweater. You can even wear them on a tank top. For a complete look, add them with Jeans and a nice pair of sneakers underneath. You have a casual look that is comfortable for street style and good for dinner too. 

This season, bring the shacket into your wardrobe. For those who are unfamiliar with the phrase, a shacket is a somewhat larger shirt-jacket hybrid that is now taking over our Instagram feeds and dominating at all of our favourite retailers.

Shackets are the ideal layering item for the fall, winter, and spring seasons. Their famous wool mix and leather designs are thicker than your ordinary shirt but lighter than a heavy winter coat, allowing you to wear them over a turtleneck and beneath an overcoat throughout the colder months. When spring hits, you’ll be able to put it on over a lightweight shirt with minimal effort.

Due to the lesser number of public events that are taking place and the drastic change in the environment, Shackets are the perfect fashion trend that one could follow as it fits in everywhere. From the comfort of your home to any public event.

Keep a place in your closet for these trendy sockets and be the talk of the town. 

5. Pink and Earthy colors on the rise

For a long, we have been seeing white, black, grey, etc. The time has come for some new colors. This year, earthy colors are going to take over these classic shades. This year is to have minimal whites and greys. While, the trending colors include dusty brown, orangish shades, rust, mustard yellows, etc. 

According to designers, pink is to prevail this year as the color for EVERYTHING. For men or women, pink is to be the color. Fuchsia pink, bubble-gum pink, or pastel; all shades are to be there. What are you waiting for? Go and grab the’ pink’ from your wardrobe. 

Your wardrobe should have these colors as they are prevailing in the fashion era of 2021. Experience the new shades and cherish the moments with what you wear. 

6. Chunkier soles and heels

Heels have been trending for a while; they will continue this year. More likely, heels with chunkier soles are to trend. They have been used for party wear, but now will be worn in casual too. This fashion trend has been loved by a lot of girls that can be worn anywhere. These chunky soles and heels also give a hint of professionalism as well.

Chunkier heels are going to take over loafers and sneakers. The streamlined style would be a little moved on with the new fashion trends. Comfort is a new style. Wear the chunky heel shoes to any of your meetings or casual outings with comfort, and look amazing. 


Concluding, fashion this year is all about style with comfort. This year has been different than the other ones. Face-to-face meetings and parties are rarely seen due to the ongoing Covid-19. Zoom meetings have taken over, or casually walking around with the masks on. So, comfort comes first. However, fashion persists. 

Fashion is not just a word but a whole new world. This helps to create one’s personality and helps to distinguish different people with their unique choice of fashion. These are a few things that continue to prevail this year.

Be the fashion geeks with the latest trendy clothes and accessories. Flaunt your style with the most comfortable clothes and attire. This year, more is less, and less is more. Add minimal work or design, but rather focus on cuts and fittings. Be what you are, and slay with confidence. Run the errand like your ramp and rock the fashion world. 


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