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Why Fashion has been the Keyword of Today? - Tattoomagz

Why Fashion has been the Keyword of Today?

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Are you one of those fashion geeks who never miss any new fashion trend and is eager to follow all? Or are you one of those who never care about what’s in or out but follow their style by staying in their comfort zone 24/7? Well, if you are anyone, this article is certainly for you as we will be discussing why fashion is a significant Keyword of Today time or why it is important to adopt it.? We all know that in today’s time and the prevailing situation of the world, the fashion industry has adjusted itself likewise i.e. going digital. Every other person has learned to shop online whether it be clothing, shoes, or household items, online shopping is the new normal. Here is why fashion has been the Keyword of Today.


There might be different takes on the question that why is fashion significant as per everyone’s perspective, interests, and personality but for that we must first consider a definition of fashion. What exactly does fashion mean? Fashion is adopting trends that are popular and also you feel confident and comfortable in that. There might be confusion about this concept that you must follow every trend whether you are comfortable with it or not but that’s not true. If we ponder upon the fashion trends in the market, we can see that trends are being introduced based on every type of audience. For instance, if shorts are in trend then after a while, long floral dresses are introduced as a new trend so a person comfortable with any of these two can adopt as per her choice. Similarly, men’s fashion also has a great margin for everyone to embrace new trends as per one’s choice, mood and personality. In fact men are at more ease when it comes to fashion, they can pair up their old coat or outerwear with new shirt or vice versa and can look extremely dashing with entire new look.


So here are some interesting facts why is a fashion the keyword of today and is important enough to adopt?

The social status factors

This might sound based on class discrimination, but this is a fact, People adopt fashion based on their social status or to show that they belong to a particular status but the good point here is you can adopt any fashion as per your personality and make people understand what type of the person you are. As we all know that the hype for fashion is in the showbiz industry at most. The clothing choices made by celebrities are not mostly what the common man adopts so I think adopting fashion that suits you the best is a wonderful way to reflect your personality.

Maximizing profit

How can we forget that the fashion industry is the one big contributor to the economy? every new fashion trend has its price demand and of course whoever can afford, can go for it and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you are purchasing expensive clothing lines, you are contributing towards tax paying as per your social status and if you are purchasing from some local shops, you are helping small businesses grow.

The reflection of history

This is interesting to know that most of the fashion trends are originated from history based on the respective culture and norms of the culture. It is also an influence of the practical world followed by some historic or currents events. So if you adopt any of such fashion trends, you are keeping yourself updated in the current time or also keeping the history revived. You must have come across many fashion trends like that of Victorian fashion plates in a dress is the most popular trend that is being followed today as. Likewise, there are many other trends that are in today and are a great revival of various histories.

Fashion is an art

 Yes, it is! Fashion is just another piece of art that you wear in your daily life and that adds colors to your personality to make your look more charming and exuberant. A well-dressed person always feels happy and excited about his/her ownself. If you do not agree with this, experiment with it! Even if you are feeling down or sad someday, take your favorite outfit out from your closet, put it done, comb your hair, wear the best-fitted pair of shoes that go well with the outfit and you’ll feel a bit happy and energetic. You can also design your clothes on your own self to add life to your creative thoughts and designs. Fashion designers who introduce the trends do so by putting their creativity on the canvas and adding charm to people’s lives through their beautiful designs. 


You must have heard a lot about sustainable fashion. This is exactly why you should adopt it in today’s world. Recycled clothes are made from processing plastic to lessen the plastic pollution that is the major cause of environmental pollution. Sustainable fashion is something that can help everyone to contribute towards eco-friendly practices for mother earth.

A helping hand

Yes, you read it right. Fashion can be the Keyword of Today and a helping hand as well for many as you can convey any message through fashion. There are many non profit organizations as well that run campaigns for great causes, to help a certain group of children, old age, or refugees. Also, if you want to deliver some optimistic message or idea to bring change or awareness causes you can get that printed on trendy outfits and wear to make people read and ponder. Even famous brands do so by participating in social causes for good.

Change is life

You would have heard that without change there is no life. So we can say that change is life and so does it go for fashion. Fashion trends change often, this is what makes the fashion industry interesting. However, many people might think that frequently changing fashion trends are not that convenient as one may need to buy new clothes every time and the old ones get wasted. Well, this is not the case, new fashion trends embrace the old ones as well in a way that you can slightly update your old clothes as per the new trends and make them look new. This is the beauty of fashion that it is introduced keeping in vie each and everything, for anyone and everyone.


As we discussed that most of the fashion trends are originated from historic events with respect to the culture and norms of particular region, likewise, diversity is the one significant factor that make people embrace fashion trends. Diversity here means the diverse cultures, norms, people, languages, region, colors, art and creativity. The art varies from mind to mind and region to region. For instance, Trukish art and crafts are famous all over the word so is the art many other regions around the globe.


Final thoughts

We have discussed some interesting reasons why fashion is Keyword of Today. In a world where circumstances are changing rapidly and where climate change is the biggest issue along with the pandemic, adopting fashion trends that are safe, cost-effective, helping economies build, and most importantly, make you feel happy is the best choice ever. 

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