Mike Epps Net Worth, Early Life, And Career

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Mike Epps Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Mike Epps has a substantial net worth, estimated to be $5 million.Mike Epps is a celebrity known as a stand-up comedian and actor in the American entertainment industry. Mike has successfully delivered multiple projects throughout his career, which brought him popularity.

Considering his accomplished career, fans are interested in Mike Epps’s net worth, personal life, and career. In this article, we will disclose everything about Mike Epps. So without any further delay, let’s dive into the article.

Key Points of Mike Epps Net Worth

Maiden Name Michael Elliot Epps
Nickname Mike Epps
Net Worth $5 million
Annual Revenue $3 million
Monthly Income $0.3 million
Date of Birth November 18th, 1970
Place of Birth Indianapolis, Indiana
Age 53 Years
Nationality American
Profession Singer, Actor, Comedia, Screenwriter, Voice-Actor, Film Producer
Spouse Kyra Robinson

Who is Mike Epps?

Mike Epps is a phenomenal person who has versatile talent. He is recognized as a writer, rapper, author, actor, comedian, film producer, voice actor, and screenwriter. With his multi-talent, he has earned a substantial net worth and accolades.

Mike Epps rose to fame through his comedy projects ”Friday”, and “Def Comedy Jam.” With his versatile works, he has gained enormous name and fame throughout his career.

What is Mike Epps Net Worth?

As of 2024, Mike Epps’s net worth is $5 million. According to our research, his annual revenue is nearly $3 million, and he earned approximately $0.3 million monthly.

Mike Epps Net Worth

In addition, Mike owns several resources to enrich his net worth. His simple lifestyle and excellent presentation made him more popular and brought him good fortune.

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The Growth of Mike Epps Net Worth

2024 $5 million
2023 $4.5 million
2022 $4 million
2021 $3.5 million
2020 $3 million

Early Life and Education

Mike’s maiden name is Michael Elliot Epps, and he was born on November 18th, 1970, in Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition, his nationality is American. His father’s name is Tomy Epps, and his mother’s name is Mary Reed.

Furthermore, he found his interest in comics when he was a teenager. Mike Epps wanted to make an accomplished career in the entertainment world. Mike’s diverse skills, talent, and sense of humour were the reasons he gained worldwide recognition.

Due to his personal and economic crisis, Mike Epps could not pursue his studies. However, he completed his high school graduation at the age of 45. By his actions, he set an example of determination and dedication.

Personal Life

The famous figure, Mike Epps, married twice in life. In 2009, he married Mechelle McCain. However, after a long marital life, they divorced in 2017 due to personal issues.

In 2019, Mike Epps remarried the producer of “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” His wife’s name is Kyra Robinson, and the couple married in Newport Beach, California.

Professional Life

As we said earlier, Mike Epps is a multi-talented person with a diverse career. Additionally, he has engaged in multiple ventures, including comedy, film, producing, writing, screenwriting, and voice acting.

Comedy Carer

From a young age, Mike Epps started pursuing a career in comedy or film. In 1995, he got a massive opportunity by getting the offer for a comedy tour called Def Comedy Jam. Through this journey, his life changed completely. Additionally, Mike Epps started getting people’s attention and appreciation through his outstanding performances.

Mike Epps Net Worth

Mike Epps mainly got worldwide recognition through his comedy career. In addition, he has received numerous opportunities to showcase his talent and comic skills throughout his career. Moreover, Mike Epps collaborated with many reputed people in the comedy show, including James Earl Jones, Martin Lawrence, and Joy Bryant.

Here is a list of comedy shows by Mike Epps:

  • The Fabulously Funny Comedy Festival (2020)
  • Mike Epps: Inappropriate Behavior Tour (2006)
  • Mike Epps: Underrated and Never Faded Tour (2012)
  • The Real Deal Tour (2015)
  • Mike Epps: After Dark Tour (2014)
  • Platinum Comedy Tour (2018)
  • Mike Epps: Only One Mike Tour (2019-2020)
  • In Real Life Comedy Tour (2021)
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Film Career

Apart from his successful comedy career, Mike Epps emerged in the realm of film and successfully established a solid foundation in the American entertainment industry. In 1997, Mike appeared in his first film, ”Strays,” which received much appreciation. In addition, after this massive success, Mike appeared in several movies and showcased his acting skills.

Here is a list of films in which Mike Epps has appeared:

  • Next Friday (2000)’
  • How High (2001)
  • All About the Benjamins (2002)
  • Dr. Dolittle 2 (2001)
  • Lottery Ticket (2010)
  • The Hangover Part III (2013)
  • School Dance (2014)
  • Acts of Violence (2018)
  • Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Other Ventures

Mike Epps has also established himself as a successful rapper. He embarked on the realm of music in 2009 by releasing his first album, “Funny Bidness: Da Album.” In addition, he engaged himself in several commercials and endorsements. As a renowned face in America, Mike Epps has collaborated with multiple brands and promoted their products, which helped him to enrich his net worth.

Here is a list of songs by Mike Epps

  • We Run This (2006)
  • Trying to Be a Gangsta (2003)
  • Funny Bidness: Da Album (2009)

Mike Epps Achievements and Awards

With his talent, Mike Epps has received numerous nominations and awards. He has received several honours in different categories as a versatile media personality.

Here is a list of awards that Mike Epps has won:

  • NAACP Image Awards (2006)
  • BET Comedy Awards (2005)
  • Gotham Independent Film Award (2007)

FAQ about Mike Epps Net Worth

What is the net worth of Mike Epps?

As of 2024, Mike Epps net worth is estimated to be $5 million according to the Celebrity Net Worth.

How did Mike come to the limelight?

Mike came to the limelight through his comedy tour ”Def Comedy Jam”, and a comedy work ”Friday” with the Ice Club.

What is the prominent source of Mike Epps net worth?

Though Mike Epps has several sources to enrich his net worth, the prominent ones are his comedy and acting careers.

What is the annual revenue of Mike Epps?

According to our research, the annual revenue is nearly $3 million.

How old is Mike Epps?

As of 2024, Mike Epps is 53 years old.

Final Thoughts

As a multi-talented person, Mike Epps is a household name with an impressive net worth. His journey to success is the testimony of Mike’s resilience, dedication, and determination. Moreover, Mike Epps is a shining star in the American entertainment industry who boldly marked his name through his remarkable projects.

Mike Epps Net WorthMike Epps Net WorthMike Epps Net Worth
Mike Epps Net Worth