Regulator Takes Action to Ensure Smooth Customer Withdrawals in the Gambling Industry

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Recently, regulatory bodies like the Gambling Commission have taken proactive measures to ensure that there is seamless withdrawal of funds in casinos. In this article, we will delve into these measures and see how they are helping reshape the gambling scene for players across the globe.

Here are examples of the important guidelines that casino operators have to adhere to as directed by regulators such as GC and CMA.

Clear and Transparent Withdrawal Policies 

One of the things that contribute to the smooth withdrawal of funds in casinos is having well-set-up clear and transparent policies. This ensures that customers know what to expect when withdrawing their winnings. According to research, 88% of casino players find clear withdrawal policies essential in choosing a gambling platform. Due to this GC and CMA mandate that casino operators provide transparent and clear withdrawal policies to gamblers. 

All ambiguous terms should be implemented to ensure players’ full understanding of the withdrawal process. Whether it is associated with withdrawal fees, processing times or withdrawal limits, casino operators must ensure that the customer knows this and much more, right off the bat.

Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play are examples of gambling operators that have in previous years been ordered by CMA to update their gambling withdrawal policies immediately or face consequences. Previously, customers of both Progress Play and Jumpman Gaming had no choice but to withdraw their winnings in instalments over a specified extended period of time, which was frustrating and unfair to the customers.

However, based on the order, the two operators were obligated to remove any terms and conditions that hindered customers from withdrawing all their casino winnings in a single transaction. 

As of today, both Jumpman Gaming and Progress Play have;

  • Dropped all their unfair practices and policies that prevented players from withdrawing all their winnings without restrictions. 
  • Additionally, the two brands no longer use terms that previously gave them the power to confiscate money from a player’s account due to inactivity.
  • Lastly, Progress Play no longer confiscates player’s winnings if they do not meet the identification check criteria within a certain period.
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Prompt Withdrawal Processing Times

Casino withdrawals should take at least 24 hours to a few days after the withdrawal request is made. More often than not, fast payout casinos offer quick payment processing meaning they prioritize delivering winnings to players rapidly, often within a few minutes or hours of a withdrawal request. This is because prompt withdrawal processing times lead to increased player satisfaction and confidence in the casino platform they choose to use.

Thus, regulators like GC require operators to process players’ withdrawals promptly, typically, within a specified number of hours or days after the player makes a withdrawal request. Ian Angus, a programme director at UKGC states that gambling operators should not place unreasonable conditions and restrictions on when and how players can withdraw funds from their gambling accounts. This is to emphasize the importance of having prompt withdrawal

Transparent Communication Between the Operators and Players

Casino operators are obligated to maintain transparent communication with players throughout the withdrawal process. Operators must make it clear to gamblers about the expected deduction of cost-reflective processing charges for withdrawals before the player makes a deposit. Therefore, any information regarding withdrawal fees, updates on the status of withdrawal requests or delays should be clearly and transparently communicated to the players. 

Transparent communication helps in building trust and loyalty among players, hence leading to an increase in customer satisfaction.

An example of gambling operators that updated their policies under the scrutiny of regulatory authorities is Bet365. This brand put in place clear withdrawal processing times for different withdrawal methods, a way of ensuring there’s clear and transparent communication with players.

As a result, the brand experienced a 40% decrease in customer complaints in relation to withdrawals within the first year of policy implementation. This shows why it is important for all casino operators to maintain transparent communication with players.

Implementation of Timely Verification Procedures

Thorough verification procedures help create a secure gambling environment for players. According to a research study by GC 85% of players express higher trust in casino platforms with strong verification processes, indicating its importance in building player confidence. However, based on the orders given by regulators such as the Gambling Commission, all operators must do thorough verifications before allowing withdrawals and not during the withdrawal process ( when the customer wants to make a withdrawal request). 

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In relation to this, operators should therefore not use any information they collect from the player to identify whether they are at risk of gambling-related harm as an excuse to delay or prevent the player from withdrawing their winnings. 

According to Denton from GC, it is not right for casino operators to make it difficult for players to withdraw all their winnings and should, therefore, not create obstacles when people want to withdraw funds from their gambling accounts. 

Also, CMA points out that the setting of short deadlines by gambling websites for customers to prove who they are before making any withdrawals is very random and not fair to players. Thus, gambling operators must ensure that their verification procedures are fair and timely. 

888 Casino is an example of a gambling house that revised its verification procedures in response to the issued regulatory guidelines by GM and CMA. Due to this, the casino platform saw a 60% reduction in the average time taken for identity verification and subsequent withdrawals, leading to a 25% increase in customer loyalty and a 35% increase in customer satisfaction. This shows why implementing timely verification policies and procedures is important in the withdrawal of funds from casino platforms. 


While these are the actions taken by regulators, the Gambling Commission will continue to monitor, research through and address any customer complaints regarding withdrawal issues in casinos, to ensure that customers experience fair withdrawals and that operators meet the set withdrawal policies and guidelines as well as the legality of using cryptocurrency.


Regulator Takes Action to Ensure Smooth Customer Withdrawals in the Gambling Industry