Have You Seen These Mind Blowing Blackwork Tattoos?

8 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Blackwork tattoos are the kings of tattoos. Yes there are tons of brilliant color, watercolor and black and grey tattoos out there, but the winner of winners are blackwork tattoos. And blackwork tattoos have come a long, looong way since the beginning of its’ time. I bet if you think of blackwork tattoos you picture something quite intense, heavy and bold. But blackwork tattoos are being used for dotwork, linework, minimalistic and intricate designs, and the outcome is simply divine! Whatever your dream tattoo, it can, and probably should, be done in black.

Now when it comes to blackwork tattoos masterpieces, one of the places that stands out is BleuNoir. This establishment is unique, and is completely dedicated to tattoo art and art itself. Founded by tattoo artists Jeykill and Veenom, BleuNoir offers the best of the best in artistry and blackwork tattoos. Besides Jeykill and Veenom, they have an additional four masterful tattoo artists: Violette, Supakitch, Franck Pellegrino and Mast Cora. In order to give the best of themselves, artists select the projects they want to carry out and focus only on what matches their work. If I were you I would follow these phenomenal tattoo artists for new ideas and kick ass tattoos. In all my years, never have I seen something quite so PERFECT. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

By Violette

1. This magical cat blackwork tattoo.



2. This incredible mandala blackwork tattoo.



3. This gorgeous wolf and candyskull blackwork tattoo.



4. This adoring Totoro blackwork tattoo.



5. This awesome cat cupcake blackwork tattoo.



6. This elegant cat blackwork tattoo.



7. These half mandala blackwork tattoos.



8. This cute Moon blackwork tattoo.



9. This adorable panda blackwork tattoo.



10. This wild panther blackwork tattoo.