Effective Tips to Beat Drug Tests

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Beat Drug Tests

You might fail to pass a urine drug test even though you are not involved in any kind of substance abuse. That’s because there are several prescription and non-prescription drugs and legal herbs that mimic the properties of prohibited drugs and produce false-positive urine drug test results. Here are the Effective Tips to Beat Drug Tests:-

If you are wondering how to pass a drug test when under medication, this write-up is a must-read for you. It would educate you about various scenarios in which you may need to undergo a drug test and will provide you with tips to beat the test. Visit Here to get acquainted with Synthetix5 Urine, a product designed to help you to pass urine drug tests. 

Why Do People Need to Undergo Urine Drug Tests?

 You may need to undergo drug tests under various circumstances. For example, your general physician might ask you to get a drug test done if he suspects that you might be hiding an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Emergency room doctors, on the other hand, advise patients to take the test if they feel that the patients in question have dangerous or strange behavior or are confused. 

Top employers also want every new candidate to undergo urine drug tests before they issue the appointment letter. Such tests are mandatory for individuals who have applied for the job of a truck driver, traffic controller, doctor, law enforcement official, etc. 

Drug tests are also conducted frequently by alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers. These organizations test their residents regularly to ensure that they don’t fall prey to the addiction again. The test results help doctors at those centers to understand whether the treatment offered by them is effective enough. 

The biggest problem with a urine drug test is that it can produce a false-positive result if you consume something that has properties similar to those of an illegal drug or alcohol. So, you must know how to stop a positive result if you don’t want the drug test to ruin your life. 

Urine Drug Test Types 

Urine drug tests are primarily of two types. The first one is known as immunoassay. It is a cost-effective test and will not make you wait for a long time to come up with the result. The biggest problem with immunoassay is that it often produces false-positive results and almost always fails to identify certain opioids. 

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The second kind is called gas chromatography/mass (GC/MS) spectrometry. This procedure is used primarily as a follow-up drug test if the first test delivers a positive result. To be more precise, this test helps to determine whether the result put forward by immunoassay was false or not. 

GC/MS is a more expensive test and requires more time than immunoassay to deliver results. However, it rarely comes up with false positives. 

How to Beat Drug Tests?

There are a series of procedures you can try to beat drug tests. Some are of course more effective than others. Read through the section below to know about the most frequently used options and make your pick wisely. 

Dilute Your Urine Samples: To dilute your urine samples, you’ll have to drink plenty of water before the drug test. If you forget to do so, you can add water directly to your urine sample and dilute it. If you dilute the urine sample, the evident drug levels will diminish, which will increase your chances of getting a negative result. 

This is possibly the most common method used to beat drug urine tests. That’s because it is extremely easy and also doesn’t require any additional expenditure. However, most modern-day laboratories are equipped with machinery that can detect diluted urine samples and force you to go for a re-test. 

Get Someone Else’s Urine: You can submit a urine sample taken from another person to beat the drug test. There are also instances where people have submitted animal urine to pass drug tests without any difficulty. 

One problem with this method is that it is not easy to maintain the temperature of the urine. However, people tend to use certain devices that help to keep the sample warm. At times, people also place the container with the sample in their groin area or armpit to ensure that the urine remains warm. 

Use Artificial Urine: Many top companies have come up with high-quality fake urines. The chemical composition of these products is exactly the same as real urine. Even the most advanced machinery fails to separate the two. If you want to use artificial or synthetic urine, make sure you read unbiased reviews of the product before you use it. 

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Add Chemicals to the Sample: The use of adulterated specimens or urine samples with chemicals added to them is pretty common. Chemicals like bleach, soap, salt, eye drops, peroxide, etc. are often added to the sample to pass drug tests. 

These chemicals combine with the drugs present in the urine and produce a completely different substance with different chemical properties. This allows people to get negative urine drug test results without much effort. However, the advanced machinery used in laboratories nowadays easily detects chemicals in specimens and tags them as unacceptable and invalid. 

Delay the Drug Test: If possible, you can try to delay the test until your system flushes out the drugs completely. However, this process doesn’t work for all kinds of drugs. Certain drugs remain in our system for months. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to delay the process for that long. Other factors that decide how quickly the drugs will be eliminated from your system include your health history, age, body weight, height, and metabolism. 

Detoxify Your Body: You can make some changes in your food habit and detoxify your system to increase the chances of a negative drug test result. Drink herbal teas and natural diuretic beverages. This will help to flush out the toxins from your system. Consume herbs such as burdock and red clover in moderation. Eat fiber-rich meals. 

Final Words 

Out of all the above-mentioned methods, the use of synthetic urine appears to be the most useful one. That’s because scientists are yet to manufacture machines that can separate natural urine and synthetic urine. You’ll only need to pick the right product. 

Beat Drug Tests
Beat Drug Tests