How to Go Through a Natural Teeth Whitening Process?

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Natural teeth whitening

A smile can make anyone’s day. Yes, it is true in fact; a pure heart-winning smile can surely give you confidence. But have you ever thought about what enhances the beautiful smile? It is your white shiny teeth. However, there are many who are not much concerned about the teeth color. In fact, they do not pay attention to the overall wellness of the teeth. For all of them go through the article conscripted below to collect the precise thought on what is teeth whitening, the importance of teeth whitening, natural teeth whitening methods, and other related facts information.

What leads to the change in the color of the teeth?

Here are the reasons why our teeth health gradually deteriorates:

Use of tobacco

People who are crazy to have tobacco should have already witnessed the changed color of their teeth. Note that tobacco consists of nicotine as well as tar. Talking about the colors tar is a bit darker while nicotine does not have any kind of colors. Now when the nicotine comes in touch with the oxygen it results in a yellow like sediment, which is seen on the upper layer of the teeth.


Beverages like red wine, tea as well as coffee are the major stain creators on the teeth. Now you should be wondering why so? It is because these beverages have a unique element called the chromogens, which is actually a type of colored pigment. Now this pigmentation takes the color yellow and settles down on the outer enamel of the teeth.


People who take the medicines for the blood pressure or any other antipsychotic drug need to be aware that prolonged use of these medications can also change the color of the teeth. Most children who are exposed to certain types of antibiotics such as doxycycline or the tetracycline would observe a dull color of the teeth.


Dentin is a soft portion located just beneath the white hard outer layer of the teeth. Now as you begin to age the outer layer of the teeth begins to lose its texture and the yellowish color starts to show up.


Grinding is one such process that also leads to the premature aging of the teeth. In addition to that, it can also lead to the yellow staining of the teeth as well. Therefore, these are some of the valid reasons, which lead to a change in the color of the teeth.

How to whiten teeth at home fast?

When you think of the teeth whitening products, the first thing that instantly jerks your mind is the teeth whitening toothpastes. Oodles of advertisement on the TV and brand exposure do convince you to have those to impart extra and instant shine to your teeth. But if you are really concerned about the health of your teeth then you should protect the teeth from such exposure. Instead of relying on those, you can always have faith in the natural teeth whitening ingredients. Now the question is what a point on trusting the organic ones is. Let’s see why should you do so in the low down points.

 Freshness assured

Like when you try to use the natural teeth, whitening methods obviously you can stay assured with the freshness. One more thing is that whichever ingredient you use whether its fresh mint or any other herb or spices they will simply concentrate on keeping your teeth healthy from roots.

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 Safe to use

Talking about the natural teeth whitening products like you can take turmeric. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory; therefore, you don’t have to worry about turmeric leaving any toxic effect on your teeth. So you can conclude that the natural teeth whitening ingredients are safer to use as well.

PH level of the teeth restored

Those who have already invested pennies on the natural teeth whitening products should be aware because the teeth whitening pastes are too some extent acidic in nature that leaves the ph level of the teeth disturbed. Therefore, it is always better to use the natural whitening ingredients as it helps to restore the ph balance of the teeth naturally.

No unwanted splurging

It is invariably a good decision to rely on the natural whitening process. It is because first of all your teeth do not have to bear the acrid effects of the chemicals. Second, you don’t need to run out of pocket to get any particular teeth whitening agent.

Therefore, these are some of the valid benefits of using natural teeth whitening products.

The natural teeth whitening process

Do you want to apply a safe and effective teeth whitening process? And do you want to resort to the natural process? If yes is your answer then let’s decode some of the most outstanding natural teeth whitening process described below:

Ayurvedic oil treatment for teeth

You can just take any comfortable ayurvedic oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, or sesame oil. And just use that oil to rub inside the mouth for a period of 20 minutes. This will definitely add a layer of shine to the teeth. In addition to that, it will kick the bacteria out of the teeth as well.

Bentonite clay

You know that over time plaque develops on the outer portion of the teeth that leads to the color change. Hence, you can always try using bentonite clay. You can use this because they are abrasive and coarser. When you apply it on the teeth, it removes the teeth stains easily. Thus, help you get a white shine.

Banana peel

It may sound a completely new natural teeth-whitening method to you. It is because you have so far heard of so many other names but the banana peel was not there. Now note that banana peeling is one of the effective natural teeth whitening methods as well. It is because of the abrasive texture of the skin of the banana that it helps in pulling out the stains in no time.

Turmeric powder

The yellow spice that is a must-have in every kitchen is turmeric. The herb is specifically recommended to include in the natural teeth whitening process. Turmeric holds a special place in the Ayurveda because of its organic healing properties. The curcumin present in turmeric effectively cleans off the stains. In addition to that, it also helps in treating bacteria, plaque as well. Overall, it takes care of the overall oral health.

Activated charcoal

When teeth whitening is the ultimate goal, how can you avoid adding the natural elements? In that regard, now it’s time to experiment with the activated form of the charcoal. Honestly, this is very useful and effective in removing the stains from the teeth. Remember that they can easily put away those stains that are due to foods and beverages. On top of that note that the activated form of the charcoal is not something that you should use on a daily basis. Whenever you use just apply it for 5 to 10 minutes only, then wash It off from the teeth.

DIY recipe for charcoal toothpaste

In that regard, you should know that you can even prepare the charcoal toothpaste at home only. For that, you will require ingredients like 2 teaspoons of the activated charcoal, food quality bentonite-clay of 1 teaspoon, followed by 3 teaspoons of the calcium carbonate. In addition to that, you should add 2 teaspoons of the xylitol, 4 teaspoons of the distilled water, and virgin coconut oil of 2 teaspoons.

How to whiten teeth with lemon and baking soda

The concoction of the baking soda and the lemon is simply outstanding. But prior to applying that make sure that the top layer of the teeth is hard. It is because baking soda is abrasive in nature. On top of that, the addition of the lemon juice rich in citric acid turns out to be the most abrasive. With the ph level of 2.2, the acidic level of the lemon is high. So naturally, such a powerful mixture will whiten naturally.

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Sea salt

If you want a pocket-friendly natural teeth whitening remedy, then sea salt can be the most useful one. Just use it carefully don’t get too harsher on your teeth otherwise it might affect the top enamel layer of the teeth.

Ashes of the wood

If you have a fireplace in your house, just pick the ashes from the wood and store it in a jar. You can use the ashes to clean off the stains from the teeth. Note that ashes consist of potassium hydroxide that helps to pull off the stains. But potassium hydroxide is too hard so be gentle with that while applying on the teeth.

How should you prevent any kind of teeth staining?

It is really disheartening to see those yellow patched marks on your teeth. But you can always stop that at the initial phase only. For that you need to take certain precautions described below:

 Frequent Washing of your mouth after every food intake

Many of you have this habit of consuming foods at regular intervals but do not swish your mouth. It is literally unhealthy for your overall teeth as well. Swishing will automatically put the teeth staining elements at bay.

Drinking water is important

The more your teeth come in contact with the staining elements, the better chance it grows to have the stains. Therefore you need to cut that timing. And the best way to do so is that drinking water before every food. Like if you are going to have your coffee or tea simply drink water. This will diminish the contact time of the agents and will have limited time to leave the stain marks on the teeth.

Use sports mouthguard

Suppose if you related to the sports, and then make sure that you use any good quality of the mouth guard as it will protect the teeth from any kind of trauma. By now, you have known that trauma leads to yellow staining. So be sure that you use the mouth protector.

Why should you avoid the medical-based teeth whitening methods:

Whenever you visit the dentist to address the issue of stained teeth they automatically suggest you in resorting to the halogen-whitening treatment or the laser. But in the long run that may turn out ineffective so let’s see why should you avoid that at once.

Not safe to use Over the counter whitening kits

Oftentimes it happens that after detecting the yellow stains you decide to treat it at home only. For that, you simply visit the drug store and pick any random whitening kits. The ingredients used in the teeth whiteners are not mentioned in the FDA listing therefore naturally it is difficult to know which one is actually safe for you.

The sensitivity of the teeth

You will also encounter problems like the sensitivity in your teeth. You can witness the problem in the first and second turn only. For some it may be reduced with time while for some it may persist for long.

Gums may get irritated

Gingival- irritation is one more reason, which is why you should defer the professional teeth whitening treatment. After undergoing the teeth whitening treatment, the first thing that may happen is that the gums may get irritated. That is simply not good for teeth health as well.

Too much expensive

The teeth whitening treatment at the professional dental clinics is costlier.  It is because dental seating is too pricey. Moreover, you will not get any insurance coverage for that as well. So it is better to have the natural teeth whitening process only.

The result is temporary

However, you opt for professional teeth whitening treatment. But the result is not permanent, it is because after a few months you have to reappear for follow up sessions. On the contrary, if you seriously want to retain that, then make sure that you maintain the overall, hygiene of the teeth.

End thoughts

The natural teeth whitening process is safe, effective and cost-friendly. Moreover, you can easily do it from your home no need to chase after appointments. Furthermore, read the article to get the clear know-how on the natural teeth whitening process.

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