CBD for Skin: 4 Things to Know

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CBD for Skin

The health and beauty industry is always changing as people try to find the next miracle Fountain of Youth. But the search may be over now that CBD for skin is in the picture.

While researchers have been studying the effects of cannabidiol on health conditions, they learned that this natural ingredient has a strong impact on the skin, too. 

It makes sense. CBD helps all the organs in your body run smoother, and your skin is the largest organ.

As with any product, though, the results you get will depend on a few different factors. If you’re thinking about using CBD to improve your skin, keep these important points in mind.

1. The Method Matters

CBD in all forms has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce acne and other skin conditions. 

It’s possible to get CBD in your body in a variety of ways, from smoking it to taking capsules. However, if your goal is to improve your skin, the method you use matters.

For instance, smoking weed does give you the benefits of CBD, but it also comes with negative parts. You’re burning a joint like a cigarette, so even though it’s healthier than nicotine, it still has carcinogenic properties. Carcinogens make your skin age faster and put you more at risk for skin cancer

Gummies and supplements work well without the side effects that come with smoking. But topical lotions and serums are the quickest way to absorb CBD into your skin directly. 

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2. Check the Manufacturer, Too

The CBD industry has more than skyrocketed over the past few years, and everyone wants to get involved. But not every product you see on the shelf or online is from a reputable manufacturer.

Legitimate CBD manufacturers go through third-party testing before they release their products. You’ll see a COA (certificate of analysis) on the label. This means an outside lab has verified that the CBD is pure and high-quality.

Typically, the best products aren’t found in gas stations or on drugstore shelves. They’re sold in dispensaries if they have THC in them, or you can find them online. 

There are reputable products sold in stores. Just make sure you check the label for a COA and do your research on the brand before you buy.

3. CBD Can Help With Serious Skin Conditions

The research studies on cannabidiol and acne clearly show how the anti-inflammatory properties and other parts of CBD reduce breakouts. CBD gets into the body’s sebum-producing facilities and slows down production. The result is less oil, therefore, less acne.

But there aren’t as many studies on the relationship between CBD and more serious skin conditions, like psoriasis. 

However, we do know that psoriasis is often related to anxiety. When a person is stressed, their skin condition flares up, increasing their anxiety in a seemingly never-ending cycle. 

We also know that CBD benefits people with anxiety by working with their body’s endocannabinoid system to promote calm. CBD also has anti-inflammatory effects that reduce the pain and itching of psoriasis. 

While there might not be a lot of direct research on using CBD for psoriatic disease, there are a lot of strong reasons why you should give it a try.

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4. You Can Use CBD for Infections

What’s your go-to natural reliever for burns? Chances are, it’s aloe. 

We use natural remedies all the time, except when we’re “used to” medicinal fixes. 

When you have an infection, you probably grab a tube of antibiotic ointment. Well, now, you can grab your CBD cream instead.

How CBD Works as an Antibiotic

Researchers evaluating CBD as a bacteria-killer consistently saw that cannabidiols work similar to our most common antibiotics. It held up to scrutiny against staphylococcus, an infectious skin bacteria, and streptococcus, responsible for strep throat.

CBD kills bacteria within three hours, as opposed to the antibiotic Vanocin, which takes up to eight.

Bacteria have a layer of something called biofilm around them. It’s a protective material that has to be penetrated before an antibiotic can kill the bacteria. But CBD disrupts this layer almost immediately, getting into the bug and destroying it.

When you have a cut or scrape, make it a habit to grab your CBD cream. You might be amazed at how fast the wound heals.


CBD for skin might not be a miracle cure, but it’s the closest thing we have to it right now. If you’ve been on the search for the Fountain of Youth for your skin, your solution might be in the right CBD skincare product.

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CBD for Skin