How To Make Coffee Soda At Home? Easy DIY Steps

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Have you ever tried coffee soda? If not, here is a chance to explore more about summer-friendly iced coffee soda and procedures to make it at home. Food is continuously evolving, and food makers are trying everything to innovate a new taste, flavor, or experience. Sometimes, these ideas can be bizarre, yet they give a good taste. Coffee soda is also one such strange yet refreshing drink to try out. What if you can make it to your home? Sounds fun! Here you will see a few handy steps to make coffee soda at your home. Let’s explore a new taste today!

The Story Behind Inception

The coffee soda, known by its popular name Brasilena is supposed to have been invented in Calabria, Italy. This new recipe gained immense popularity in a very short span of time. A company in Catanzaro that was into the bottle packaging business is credited with bringing this idea up. It was the 1980s to 1990s, then the idea started popularizing, and today it is an integral part and parcel of the beverage industry

Coffee soda


It can be made with a few handy ingredients, such as sugar, coffee, soda – however, the professional stores use some secret recipes to enhance the taste. Carbonation of the coffee was the key idea that gave it the distinctive brisk and awesomeness that people today enjoy worldwide—wondering if you can make it at home? Of course! Check out the recipe and enjoy the refreshingly chilled soda shot in scorching summers. 

Making It At Home

Days are warming up! So, what’s your strategy to keep yourself chilled up that you can really enjoy? Well, iced drinks can be the best bet for you. What if you can get lots of fizzy briskness and a little caffeine added to your iced drinks. You know we are talking about making coffee soda at home. First, make it once, then keep making it till you flaunt it to everyone you know. It is why here is an easy-made recipe for you to get the job accomplished. Check out the ingredients and keep them handy with you to avoid any hurdle in between. 

How To Make Coffee Soda At Home? 

You can learn to make coffee soda when enjoying your weekend with a simple procedure. However, before you proceed any further, you will need to note down the ingredients in the first place. 

Ingredients Required

The making will require a few simple and easily available ingredients such as coffee (apparently), water, and sparkling water. You can add some more based on your particular taste preferences or creativity. Whatever you want to use, just maintain the right proportion and believe that you are going to love this super summer refresher. Check the below-given points for the recipe: 

1: Ground Coffee 

The first Ingredient is ground coffee, and you have to take 1 cup of it for the recipe. 

2: Water

½ Cup of cold water will be needed to mix with the grounded coffee to make the concentration. 

3: Sparkling Water

To add the brisk to the recipe, we will take 2-3 cups of sparkling water. 

4: To Add

You can add anything you want to decorate and boost the taste of the recipe. For instance, whipped cream, ice cubes, simple chocolate syrup, or whatever you feel suitable to add. 


Now that you have all the ingredients ready with you, we can proceed further with the recipe: 

Step 1: Mix Cofee And Water

First of all, take a large jar or container and pour the ground coffee and water together in it. Combine it well, and then leave it in the fridge for up to 12-24 hours. 

Step 2: Filter The Coffee 

In the next step, you have to filter the whole coffee concentrate through a towel-lined mesh. Check if the concentrate reaches one cup or not. If not, you can add water drizzled through the grinds to fill the cup. 

Step 3: Give Flavor

Now that the coffee part is done, time to give it a shot of the unique flavor. They will not only boost the flavor of the drink but also compensate for the bitterness of the carbonation. To make the simple sugar syrup, mix water and sugar in equal proportions and stir it well until the sugar granules get fully dissolved. The syrup is ready to add. Also, drizzle the drops of fresh lemon in the serving glass of your coffee soda. 

Step 4: Add The Fizz 

Now comes the most important step, which will make it different from its species and provide the hybrid characteristics. Yes, we are talking about the fizz! To attain the fizziness, first, take ice cubes in the glass and fill it ¾ with the coffee concentrate that is ready with you. Now pour the carbonated water from the top and see the fizz dancing on the top of it. 

Your coffee soda is ready to serve. Give this new taste to your visitors, or enjoy it alone!

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

The simple and straightforward recipe is easy to make and can be made with minimal ingredients. Besides, you will surely love the splash of taste and fizz in your mouth with every sip. However, you need to keep a few essential points in your mind, as described below: 

Coffee soda


  • Steeping the coffee for up to 12-24 can drain out the essential flavor of the coffee for the drink. However, if you are steeping it for more time, it may get too bitter for your taste buds. 
  • This recipe is not suitable for storing as it loses its carbonation and becomes bitter. Therefore, make the only consumable amount of the coffee so that you dont need to store the leftover. The maximum time you can store it is 6-7 days in your refrigerator. 
  • You can also add milk (varieties of milk, soy, dairy, almond) to your coffee soda to enrich the flavor. 


The coffee soda recipe described in this post is a unique recipe that stands out due to its distinctive fizz. Following this post carefully, you can bring this cafe taste to your home and enjoy this refreshing drink whenever you want. Furthermore, it also describes some important considerations to keep in mind when making it or storing the leftover. If you love to explore new tastes, visit our blog section to find some mouthwatering recipes. 


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