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Anne Heche Net Worth

In the glittering constellation of Hollywood stars, Anne Heche shone as a luminary of both screen and stage. This article delves into the career of this multifaceted actress. From her humble beginnings to her lifetime accomplishments, you’ll have a brief overview. We’ll also unveil the impressive figure that comprised Anne Heche Net Worth.

Who is Anne Heche?

Anne Celeste Heche, an American actress, was recognized for her diverse roles in film, TV, and theater. That earned her a well-deserved spot as a media person. She earned awards like the Daytime Emmy and National Board of Review Award.

She began acting on the soap opera Another World (1987–1991), winning a Daytime Emmy in 1991. Her film debut was in O Pioneers! (1992).

Anne Heche Net Worth

From 1999 to 2001, Heche focused on directing projects. 2000s Onward, her later career featured independent films, TV series, and stage roles. She gained recognition for her Broadway roles and television films. Heche was acclaimed for her work in Birth.

Heche’s personal life often made headlines, including a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and a publicized breakdown in 2000. Her memoir in 2001 disclosed childhood abuse.

Quick Bio

Full Name Anne Celeste Heche
Born May 25, 1969
Birthplace Aurora, Ohio, U.S.
Died August 11, 2022 (aged 53)
Nationality American
Profession Actress, Author
Net Worth $400K

Anne Heche Net Worth

The stars have indeed smiled upon Anne Heche, bestowing her with a net worth that could be counted in millions. However, at the time of Heche’s death, her net worth was at about $400K. Her financial achievements had been amassed through a combination of acting roles, endorsements, and other business ventures.

She left behind approximately $110K in cash and uncashed checks. In addition to these funds, Homer Laffoon, her son and the administrator of her estate, estimated the total value of her assets and belongings to be around $400K.

Another World actress’s financial situation was not without its complications. There was a significant credit card debt of $36,131.35 and it had been reduced from an initial balance of $62,011.35.

Early Life

Anne Heche, born in 1969, hailed from Ohio and is the youngest child of her parents. Her mom, Nancy Heche, was an American author and activist. And her father, Donald “Don” Joe Heche used to be a choir director in different churches.

Anne’s family, fundamentalist Christians, moved frequently due to her father’s unstable lifestyle and financial struggles. After moving to Atlantic, in 1977, Anne took her first job at a walkway hamburger stand.

Her family’s financial woes led to foreclosure and eviction, after which a church family offered them charity housing. Anne’s first professional job in acting was at a dinner theater. She used to make $100 per week from her theatre work there. Her dad died from AIDS in 1983. The family then moved to Chicago.

Heche studied at Francis W. Parker School, performing in school plays. She was offered an audition for “As the World Turns” at 16 but couldn’t accept due to her family’s circumstances. In 1987, after high school, she got a role in “Another World,” marking her television debut.

Acting Career: Major Source Behind Anne Heche Net Worth

Early Career

After her success on Another World, Anne Heche received a Daytime Emmy Award in 1991. Uncertain about her future, she considered design school but chose acting. Her TV movie debut in O Pioneers! gained critical acclaim.

Heche transitioned to film, with notable roles in Wild Side (1995) and If These Walls Could Talk (1996). Her work in Walking and Talking garnered attention and hinted at her potential for more prominent film roles.

Breakthrough and Major Roles

In 1997, Anne Heche’s career reached a key point with her standout performance in Donnie Brasco, a crime drama. Starring opposite Johnny Depp, Heche got praised for her performance even if it was just a supportive role.

As the late 1990s unfolded, Heche continued to establish her presence in  Hollywood by taking on supporting roles in several high-profile films.

Anne Heche Net Worth

In Volcano (1997), for example, a disaster film centered around a volcano erupting in LA, Heche shared the screen with Gaby  Hoffmann and Tommy Lee Jones, portraying a seismologist. While the critical reception was mixed, the film’s box office earnings exceeded $122 million globally.

Heche also made her mark in the sleeper hit “I Know What You Did Last  Summer” (1997), a slasher thriller.

Also, the same year she had a role as a presidential advisor in the political satire “Wag the Dog”. And it earned  Heche the National Board of Review Award in  1997 for Best Supporting Actress. It was for both her roles in “Donnie Brasco” and “Wag the Dog.”

Major Films and Broadways

Anne Heche’s first lead role was in the romantic adventure “Six Days, Seven Nights” (1998). She starred opposite Harrison Ford. Notably, she was cast in this role just before her public relationship with Ellen DeGeneres.

That probably negatively impacted her leading lady prospects in Hollywood, according to Anne. Even with mixed reviews, her film, Six Days, Seven Nights made $164.8 million worldwide. Heche also starred in the dramatic thriller “Return to Paradise” (1998) as Vince Vaughn’s love interest.

Continuing her cinematic journey, Heche also starred in the 1999 film “The Third Miracle” alongside Ed Harris.

In 2002, Anne Heche made her Broadway debut in “Proof.” Heche’s notable roles in this period extended to television films. She also performed on Broadway opposite Alec Baldwin in “Twentieth Century.”

Television and Further Works

Anne Heche continued her journey in the independent film scene, appearing in films such as Birth, Silver Bells, and Fatal Desire. Her earnings from the TV series Men in Trees were reported $81K in salary.

In the years that followed, Heche maintained her film roles in Spread and the HBO series Hung (2009-2011). Some other films of hers were Cedar Rapids and Rampart, Nothing Left to Fear, My Friend Dahmer, and the television series The Brave.

Her posthumous projects, completed but unreleased at the time of her passing in August 2022, include Girl in Room 13, Wildfire: The Legend of the Cherokee Ghost Horse, and Supercell.

As a Director

From 1998 to 2001, Anne Heche ventured into the world of film directing and screenwriting. She actively pursued her passion for filmmaking. Her first directorial project came in the form of a short film in 1998 titled Stripping for Jesus. The film was financed entirely by Heche.

Personal Life

Anne Heche, in the early 1990s, dated Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac for about a year. The actress also dated Steve Martin in the mid-1990s.

Heche’s most high-profile relationship was with comedian Ellen DeGeneres. They began dating in 1997 and were considered “the world’s first gay super-couple.” However, their relationship ended in 2000.

After her split from DeGeneres, Heche dated Coleman “Coley” Laffoon, whom she married in September 2001. They had a son, Homer, in March 2002. But they divorced in March 2009.

According to reports, Heche left Laffoon for her Men in Trees co-star, James Tupper, and they had a son named Atlas in March 2009. However, Heche and Tupper separated in January 2018.

Anne Heche’s final known relationship was with former co-star Thomas Jane. They announced their relationship in 2019, but they had separated by the time of her death in 2022.


Who will get Anne Heche’s money?

Anne Heche’s son, Homer Laffoon, was named the permanent administrator of her will.

How much money did Anne Heche have?

According to court records, it was around $400,000.

What happened to Anne Heche’s estate?

Anne Heche’s estate was involved in legal proceedings due to her credit card debt and unresolved issues regarding her assets, including uncashed checks and bank funds.

Final Thoughts

Anne Heche Net Worth, which once counted in millions, was left at around $400K. The multifaceted actress traversed the realms of cinema, television, and stage, and bequeathed a multifarious legacy in both financial and personal spheres upon her untimely demise.

Anne Heche Net WorthAnne Heche Net WorthAnne Heche Net Worth