Happily ever after: 5 tips on how to retire and not ruin a relationship

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Sooner or later it will happen to everyone: leaving work, a new life in retirement, a lot of free time, and the constant presence of a husband or wife at home, next to you. And this, as many suddenly find out for themselves, can be a serious test. Psychologists have discovered what should be done to maintain a strong and warm relationship.

After many years of work, you can finally relax and not rush anywhere in the morning. You probably feel relieved, anxious, and a little sad. And you also understand that retirement means spending much more time at home with your spouse. At first, it pleases, but week after week passes, and the picture of joint gatherings in the kitchen or in front of the TV ceases to be so rosy.

Retirement can really complicate a marriage, even a relatively strong one. For many years you have kept the balance, and now suddenly the balance is broken. Here are the recommendations that can help.


Many people have been so absorbed in work for years that they forget how they like to spend their free time. Perhaps you once gave up your favorite, time-consuming, or time-consuming hobbies for simpler activities that you have strength for at the end of a long working day.

Now that you no longer need to work, it is time to think about how you really enjoy spending your leisure time. What makes you happy, what have you always wanted to do? Are you dreaming of visiting the UAE? So this is the ideal moment! Visit the website of one of the rental services, choose any vehicle for hire you like and enjoy! You can take Ferrari for rent Dubai or any other rental car! Look for actions that will be productive and bring you pleasure or a sense of meaning.


It is easy for a husband and wife who have lived together for a long time to assume they have studied each other thoroughly. Unfortunately, this leads to a loss of curiosity and openness, which ultimately suffocates both you and your marriage. Such an attitude can even be counterproductive, as our changes often go unnoticed and underestimated.

Give each other more space to relax. Remember that you spent many hours of your life apart while working, and therefore there are many things in your partner’s life that you do not know about. Assume that your spouse continues to change, and cultivate curiosity about what is happening to him or her and how. Look for ways to support and surprise each other to make your retirement years as happy as possible for both of you. Luxury car hire on your vacation surely will be a great gift for both you and your partner


Your spouse has his own activities and affairs, to which he has devoted time daily for many years. Respect each other’s habits when you retire and both end up at home. Take some time to find out how your partner likes to spend his days and realize what you like to do yourself. If each of you has an idea of your preferences, it will be easier for you to coordinate your schedules to suit everyone.


Have you caught yourself suddenly shopping more often, or getting upset over nothing? These may be signs that one of you or both of you found it too difficult to establish a new life after retirement or, as a consequence of these events, your relationship is changing.

If you notice such changes, be sure to pay more attention to your usual healthy ways of coping with stress and /or try new ones: keeping a diary, meditation techniques or religious practices, trips to nature, or visiting a therapist who will help overcome the crisis. Offer the same to your partner if he has similar problems.


During emotional storms, it is very important to avoid sudden movements when making serious life decisions. You may have violent quarrels, they will occur one after another for several months, and then there will be a temptation to accept that the marriage is not viable.

A sudden decrease in income can also scare one of the spouses, and he will probably want to radically change his lifestyle and move to a place where the cost of living is lower.

Such sentiments can become a source of serious conflicts. Take your time to act and promise each other that you will not take important decisions for a certain period of time. Over time, possible options can be discussed among themselves and with specialists in a particular field.

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