68 Perfectly Imperfect Sketch Style Tattoos

3 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

21. This incredible woman sketch style tattoo.

woman sketch style tattoo by frank carrilho

(photo by Frank Carrilho)

22. This brilliant zippo and rose tattoo.

zippo sketch style tattoo by malamartaandink

(photo by malamartaandink)

23. This awesome Albert Einstein tattoo.

albert einstein sketch style tattoo by fredao oliveira

(photo by Fredao Oliveira)

24. This mesmerising Alice in Wonderland tattoo.

25. This cute little tiger tattoo.

baby tiger sketch style tattoo by ael lim- ingapore

(photo by Ael Lim)

26. This mindblowing full back sketch style tattoo.

backpiece portrait sketch tattoo by lea nahon

(photo by Lea Nahon)

27. This lovely bear sketch style tattoo.

bear sketch style tattoo by ael lim singapore

(photo by Ael Lim)

28. This bittersweet bird and flower tattoo.

beautiful sketch style tattoo by kamilmokot

(photo by kamilmokot)

29. This colorful sketch style bid tattoo.

30. This fantastic cat and tiger tattoo.

cat and tiger sketch style tattoo by flound_so

(photo by flound_so)