68 Perfectly Imperfect Sketch Style Tattoos

7 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Sketch style tattoos prove just how perfect imperfection really is. This style of tattoo is fairly new to the world, with only a handful of artists able to master the ability to wield their tattoo machine as if it were a pen. The lines are irregular and there is a general messiness to the final artwork that make these sketch style tattoos the epitome of originality and creativity.

Sketch style tattoos are inspired by fine arts. They include other tattooing styles such as watercolor, fine line, black and grey, blackwork, drops and splatters, or trash style. Sketch style tattoos have an unfinished look about them, and give you the feeling you are looking at the rough paintings of a phenomenal artist’s secret notebook.

Of course there are a few other sketch style tattoo artists included in this article, but Fredao Oliveira, Ineepine, Frank Carrilho, Russell Van Schaick, Lea Nahlon, Victor Montaghini and Ael Lim are the most prominent sketch style tattoo artists in the world. No joke. They are the kings of sketch. Each with their own personal quirk, each with their own creative originality, their sketch style tattoos are going to blow your mind right out of this world. Thanks for caring, thanks for sharing.

Table of Contents

1. This utterly gorgeous elephant tattoo.

2. This adorable Phoenix sketch style tattoo.

3. This perfectly imperfect ballerina tattoo.

baillerina sketch style tattoo by ineepine

(photo by ineepine)

4. This super neat bird tattoo.

5. This pretty sketch style bow tattoo.

bow sketch tattoo by flound_so

(photo by flound_so)

6. These captivating clown sketch style tattoos.

7. This awesome little dinosaur tattoo.

8. These brilliant sleeve sketch style tattoos.

double sketch style arm sleeve tattoo by fredao oliveira

(photo by Fredao Oliveira)

10. This incredible Frida Kahlo tattoo.

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