5 Essential Smart Home Devices to Get in 2020

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Essential Smart Home Devices

The year 2020 signals the start of a new decade, full of exciting possibilities and breathtaking human inventions. Already you have some of the most sophisticated technological wonders, from chess-playing Artificial Intelligence to surgical simulations in the OT, gracing the scene. What more can you expect? This is precisely the question we hope to answer essential smart home devices in this article. 

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You see, ‘smart home’ isn’t just a dream anymore that someone cooked up on a boring day. It has become a reality. Technology has closed the gap between effort and ease by bringing smart home devices into the mix. You no longer have to physically exert your energy to vacuum around the house, to answer the door, to adjust the thermostat, to fetch the TV remote or even to water the plants. Innovations such as an automated cleaner, a doorbell app linked with a smart lock, an AI home hub, Voice Assistant and auto-gardening gadgets have made home life super-convenient and hassle-free for you. 

So, if you are wondering about the best smart home devices to get in 2020, this is the right place to start. The following are our top entries, which not only promise an effortless life but also a cleaner energy emission and cost-effective billing at the end of the month. Check them out below!

Amazon Echo (Third Generation)

This all-time favorite gadget from Amazon has a new face and an improved function in its third-generation model. Essentially a speaker with a three-inch woofer, Bluetooth and dual-band wireless compatibility, Echo comes with a built-in Alexa Voice Assistance, which allows you to send audible commands and get things done quicker. Provided your internet connection is fast enough to support the communication. In this regard, view Cox plans to get seamless speeds for your home. Other than that, Amazon Echo lets you check the weather, make instant purchases online, set dates, access audiobooks and control smart home hubs without having to move a muscle. Neat, right? The best thing of all is that you can get this handy device for under $100 from Amazon.

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Ecobee (Fifth Generation)

This latest iteration of the popular smart thermostat series has the best remote sensors you can find in the market. These sensors can detect human presence and adjust the heating/cooling of each room accordingly. Ecobee has full Alexa support, a longer battery life, a more sensitive touchscreen interface and a speaker you can play your Spotify playlist on, day-in & day-out. You can purchase this smart thermostat from Amazon for less than $250. Though it is a little heavy on the pocket, it does have a powerful impact on your home’s energy footprint.

WeMo Mini

What can you get for only $19.99 at Amazon? Smart plugs from Belkin that are not extraordinary per se, but simple enough to use and compatible with major smart home assistants. Yes, WeMo Mini has a sleeker design, an Away mode to scare off the intruders, a physical off/on  switch but no energy monitoring. It’s a nice accessory which can only add to the futuristic ambiance of your home.

Arlo Q

You can never have enough security cameras around the house if you live in an area that is a hotpot of criminal activity. It is a fundamental safety measure. But, you can always dial the game up a notch with an advanced model. Arlo Q is perfect for your home, because it delivers the captured video in 1080p quality, offers a week’s worth of free cloud storage, works well with Google Assistant/Alexa/SmartThings, has the simplest equipment setup and a good enough motion detection. You can get Arlo Q for around $150 at Amazon, and get to keep an eye on your house in HD.

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Philips Hue A19

Something about smart lights makes them an irresistible luxury in any modern home. And, when it comes to smart lights, no one can match Philips Hue and its A19 White Starter Kit, which comes with two bulbs and a hub to control them over the home network. These bulbs are compatible with a ton of smart home systems, ranging from Google Home to IFTTT, so controlling their brightness is not an issue. Interestingly, the Philips Hue Sync app lets you connect these smart bulbs to multimedia in your PC or Mac, so they can synchronize with the content being played and create an unforgettable ambiance. You can purchase this kit for only $63.99 on Amazon.

Wrapping Up

By getting any of the aforementioned smart gadgets, you can get a taste of what the future looks like, right in the comfort of your home.

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Essential Smart Home Devices