40 Sleeve Tattoos For Men That Are Beyond Perfect

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

21. This amazing linework sleeve tattoo.

line work tattoo sleeve tattoo by dotstolines

photo by dotstolines)

22. This geometric mandala style sleeve tattoo.

mandala half sleeve tattoo by dillonforte

photo by dillonforte)

23. This phenomenal full sleeve tattoo for men.

mandala style full sleeve tattoo by laurajadetattoos

photo by laurajadetattoos)

24. This wild instincts sleeve tattoo.

nature sleeve tattoo by oscarakermo

photo by oscarakermo)

25. This cool New York view sleeve tattoo.

nyc view tattoo by anatolenyc

photo by anatolenyc)

26. This brilliant octopus sleeve tattoo.

27. This ornamental sleeve tattoo for men.

ornamental sleeve tattoo by piotrszot

(photo by piotrszot)

28. This neat sleeve tattoo for men.

part sleeve tattoo by oscarakermo

(photo by oscarakermo)

29. This inspiring 2016 Gay Pride sleeve tattoo.

30. This black and grey beauty.

robot tatto sleeve by oscarakermo

(photo by oscarakermo)