40 Sleeve Tattoos For Men That Are Beyond Perfect

5 years ago / By Tattoo.Magz

Table of Contents

31. This incredible skeleton arm sleeve tattoo.

skeleton full sleeve tattoo

(artist unknown)

32. This spacetastic skull sleeve tattoo.

skull full sleeve tattoo by rochone1

(photo by rochone1)

33. This swirling full sleeve tattoo for men.

sleeve tattoo by dotstolines

(photo by dotstolines)

34. This exquisite surfer sleeve tattoo.

surfer space sleeve tattoo by ben_klishevskiy

(photo by ben_klishevskiy)

35. This rolling waves half sleeve tattoo.

surfing tattoo by jessimanchester

(photo by jessimanchester)

36. This sexy as hell full sleeve tattoo.

tribal full sleeve tattoo

(artist unknown)

37. This awesome Viking sleeve tattoo.

viking sleeve tattoo by juncha

(photo by juncha)

38. This ferocious full sleeve tattoo.

wild instincts tattoo by juncha

(photo by juncha)

39. This dreamy wing sleeve tattoo.

wing half sleeve tattoo by bangbangnyc

(photo by bangbangnyc)

40. This wild wolf sleeve tattoo for men.

wolf sleeve tattoo by boloarttattoo

(photo by boloarttattoo)