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The Avatar star, Zoe Saldana, is one of the names among the highest-grossing film actresses. She has made a notable impact in Hollywood movies with multiple hits. With her talent, versatility, and captivating performances, she has garnered immense popularity and critical acclaim.

This article explores Zoe Saldana net worth and delves into her remarkable career in the film industry.

Who is Zoe Saldana?

Zoë Yadira Saldaña-Perego, popularly known as Zoe Saldana, is a talented Hollywood actress from America. The actress is of Dominican and Puerto Rican descent. Saldana earned stardom for her roles in various blockbuster films, captivating audiences with her incredible performances.

Among others, her most successful projects are the groundbreaking sci-fi movie “Avatar” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” to date. The actress has established herself as a prominent figure in Hollywood, with an impressive filmography. So far she worked in over fifty movies, out of which, major films were box-office hits.

Key Points to Know About Zoe Saldana

Real Name Zoë Yadira Saldaña-Perego
Born June 19, 1978 (age 45)
Birthplace Passaic, New Jersey, U.S.
Height 5 feet 6 inches (1.7 m)
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Net Worth $40 Million

What is Zoe Saldana net worth?

As of 2023, Zoe Saldana owns a net worth of around $40 million. This estimation is based on the available info on celebrity net worth. Zoe’s fortune is mostly the result of her successful acting career.

Zoe Saldana Net Worth

To date, she has portrayed diverse characters in a wide range of films. As mentioned she was listed as the second highest-grossing film actress in 2019. Saldana’s talent and popularity have allowed her to command substantial salaries for her roles. And that hugely contributed to her overall financial success.

Early Life

Born in 1978, Zoe Saldana is a Passaic native of New Jersey. Spending most of her early days in Queens, Zoe grew up in a multicultural family. Her mother is of Puerto Rican descent and Aridio Saldaña, her father, was Dominican.

From an early age, Saldana had a passion for dance, specifically ballet, and acting. She completed her high school studies at Newtown High School. After graduating Saldana started out performing in different theaters. These help her hone her skills and laid the foundation for her future career.

Acting Career: Major Source Behind Zoe Saldana Net Worth

Acting career has been the primary source of Zoe Saldana’s fortune. From her debut to date, she has worked in so many high-profile films and ventured into television. Here’s an overview of the actress’s career from the beginning.

Career Beginning

Starting with theaters, Zoe Saldana’s eventually got her first role in the movie Center Stage (2000). She had, however, performed in a minor role in 1999 for the TV series “Law & Order” before that. Her talent and on-screen presence caught the attention of casting directors. That led to later opportunities in the film industry.

Saldana’s breakthrough role came in 2000 when she starred in the dance drama film “Center Stage.” Her portrayal of a talented ballet dancer showcased her skills as both an actress and a dancer. This film helped introduced Saldana as a rising star.

Alongside Britney Spears, in 2002, Saldana appeared in the coming-of-age film “Crossroads.” Her performance in the film demonstrated her ability to tackle different types of characters. And it further broadened her exposure.

Successful Film Works

Saldana’s career really took a significant ride in 2003. It began with her joining the cast of the blockbuster film “Pirates of the Caribbean” (its first installment). Her portrayal of Anamaria, a fierce and skilled pirate, showcased her versatility.

Following her success in the Caribbean film series, Saldana continued to take on diverse roles. She worked in both independent films and major productions. Alongside Tom Hanks, she appeared in the 2004 film “The Terminal.” Her other notable project was the reboot of Star Trek in 2009.


One of the major highlights of Saldana’s career was her role as Neytiri in “Avatar”. James Cameron’s groundbreaking science fiction film “Avatar” is still one of the highest grosser ($2.7 billion) worldwide.

The film became a global phenomenon and broke numerous box office records. Being a part of this film in a lead role was a great milestone for Saldana. Her portrayal of the Na’vi warrior princess showcased her ability to bring complex characters to life.

As well as Saldana’s earnings from the film were noteworthy. The actress reportedly bagged $8 million for Avatar 2 (2022). While it was around $4 million for the first one.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Another high-profile film in Saldana’s career is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy film series. She played the popular character Gamora in all three volumes of this film. It was among the top-three highest-grossing film in 2014. And the actress Zoe Saldana’s reportedly received $100K for her role.

The later volumes of the GOTG were also successful at the box office. Reportedly, Saldana earned between $10-$15 million for her role as Gamora in GOTG, in total. Additionally, she reprised the character in two other Marvel movies, Infinity War and Endgame.

Television Works

While Saldana’s film career flourished, she also made notable appearances in television shows. Besides “Law & Order”, she made guest appearances on its spin-off, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”

In recent years, Saldana made a memorable impact on television with her portrayal of Nina Simone in the biographical drama film “Nina” (2016). The film explored the life and career of the legendary singer and showcased Saldana’s versatility as an actress.

Continuing Success

Beyond her hits like Avatar or GOTG, Saldana has continued to challenge herself with a wide range of roles. She has showcased her talent and versatility in both big-budget productions and independent films.

In recent years, Saldana has continued to challenge herself with a wide range of roles. She reprised her role as Gamora in the Avengers films. She also embarked on voice acting. Animated films such as “My Little Pony” and “Missing Link” are some of her voice works.

The actress is full of several upcoming projects, both on the big and small screen. One of her upcoming Avatar movies is in post-production. Additionally, she’s worked in the miniseries From Scratch, which was her recent television work. Zoe will also play the lead in the TV show Special Ops: Lioness.


Who is the actress in Avatar?

The actress in Avatar is Zoe Saldana. She portrayed the character of Neytiri, a Na’vi warrior princess.

How much did Zoe Saldana get paid for Guardians of the Galaxy?

Zoe Saldana earned around $10-$15 million for her work in Guardians of the Galaxy. For the first volume of the GOTG, she reportedly received $100K.

How long did it take to do Gamora’s makeup?

The process of applying Gamora’s makeup for Zoe Saldana took 2-3 hours. It involved intricate prosthetics and body painting to transform her into a green-skinned character.

Who is Zoe’s husband?

It’s Marco Perego Saldana. Marco and Saldana have been married for ten years and have three kids.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Zoe Saldana net worth reflects her remarkable success in the entertainment industry. With a diverse range of roles, Saldana has set herself as a highly respected actress. As she continues to take on new projects, Zoe’s fortune is likely to grow even more.

Zoe Saldana Net WorthZoe Saldana Net Worth