Why travel from Delhi to Haridwar by Car?

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Haridwar is a spiritual city located in Uttarakhand, India. It’s known as the Gateway to the Himalayas and a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus.

Haridwar is also home to Har-ki-Pauri, or “footsteps of God.” The Ganges River flows through the city, and bathing in its waters is believed to cleanse pilgrims of sin.

When you visit Haridwar with the Haridwar taxi service, you’ll find hundreds of temples, shrines, and ashrams where people can meditate or learn about Hinduism. The place houses numerous temples, including:

  • Mansa Devi Temple
  • Chandi Devi Temple
  • Bharat Mata Mandir
  • Maya Devi Temple
  • Shri Chintamani Parswanath Jain Temple
  • Har ki Pauri
  • Daksha Mahadev Temple

National Highway From Delhi To Haridwar

The Delhi-Haridwar Highway is a 242-km road that connects the capital city of India, New Delhi, with the holy city of Haridwar. The highway passes through Faridabad, Ghaziabad, and Meerut before it reaches Haridwar.

This National Highway 58 is a four-lane road, which means it can be driven safely by both two-wheelers and four-wheelers from any Delhi to Haridwar Taxi service. The highway has been constructed to provide easy access to tourists visiting the holy city of Haridwar and other destinations like Rishikesh and Dehradun.

The highway is in good condition, and you can quickly drive at speeds up to 100 km/h. There are many eateries along this route where you can stop when you feel hungry or tired. You can also find petrol pumps along the route if you run out of fuel on a Delhi to Haridwar taxi on this highway.

Alternate National Highway ( Most Recommended )

The route is 236 kilometers long, and it takes about five to six hours for a Haridwar taxi service to drive the entire distance. It passes through Muradnagar, Modinagar, Sardhana, Khatauli, Muzaffarnagar, and Roorkee.

We recommend this route because the roads are in good condition, even in rural areas. Drivers can expect no significant stops, which makes the trip more relaxing. The highway also has minimal traffic jams, making driving more accessible at night.

Popular Places Along The Way

  • Chhota Haridwar, Muradnagar

Chhota Haridwar is situated in Muradnagar, UP. The town is on the banks of the Ganga River and is surrounded by hills and forests.

  • Ashtapad Jain Temple, Meerut

This temple is an architectural marvel known for its intricately carved pillars and walls and is a popular destination for tourists.

  • Ganeshdham, Muzaffarnagar

This temple has been around for many centuries and features a giant statue ( 151 meters high ) of Lord Ganesh—the elephant god.

  • Solani Aqueduct and Reservoir, Roorkee

This aqueduct was constructed in 1846 over Old Ganga Nahar, also known as Old Upper Ganga Canal. It is an excellent place for relaxation and mind-soothing. The view at night is also breathtaking.

Final Word

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