Which are the Top 10 Football Tournaments for Online Sports Betting?

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The world of football is pretty big and includes many prizes for online sports bettors and fans. Apart from the different types of international football leagues, there are several domestic tournaments that are also pretty popular among fans and bettors. The domestic leagues can be extraordinary because they lay the grounds for the players who are later selected for the international ones. If you are looking forward to the best live sports betting apps in India, then you should also be aware of the football leagues that can help you win real money through betting. 

Let’s check out the top football tournaments that you can bet on in the future:

  1. FIFA World Cup

There is no bigger tournament when it comes to football than the FIFA World Cup. The prestige of lifting the trophy is ranked among the best among the players. This is the very reason why there are a large number of fans of the varied teams. The FIFA World Cup is actually noted to unite a country as it gives the crown to the winning team of a particular country. The sport’s popularity is the highest among all other sports. 

  1. UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is also a highly glamorous competition in the world of football. This tournament has actually seen competition among the best teams in the world today. Club football has a high amount of financial investment and stakes, making it a bigger tournament than other international leagues. As per the quality of the gameplay as well, this tournament is gaining a high amount of popularity. In fact, experts are of the opinion that there are no better tournaments than this league. 

  1. UEFA European Championship

The UEFA European Championship was first played in France in 1958. Since then, this championship has also gained a large fan following in European countries. It is an exciting competition with a different nature and gameplay compared to the other football tournaments. In the 14 tournaments that have been held until now, 9 different countries have taken the trophy. Spain and Germany are the two teams that have won the championship the maximum number of times. Over the years, the number of teams has increased as well. 

  1. Copa America
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Copa America is notably one of the oldest continental competitions in football. The first tournament was held in 1916 in Argentina to showcase respect for the independence of the country. Football’s history is vibrant, which is why the number of fans following the sport is extremely high. There are several teams in this tournament that are associated with CONMEBOL. But there are other teams as well, like America and Mexico, that were later allowed to participate. Uruguay is one of the most successful teams in this competition. 

  1. Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores is almost equal to the Champions League but majorly played in South America. In South American Club football, this trophy is considered to be the top. The league is showcased in more than 135 countries, and the fans love every bit of the game. It is very clear from the fan following that the number of bets being made on the game is huge as well. The trophy was launched in 1960, and since then, it has been a part of the culture of South American countries. The Argentine club was the most successful team in this tournament. 

  1. UEFA Europa League

The UEFA Europa League is actually the successor of the UEFA Cup. This trophy has not got enough significance and popularity, but it is still regarded as a top-notch league that football players look forward to. There is a lot of criticism of the number of fixtures that the league has and the dead-rubber ties, but the league has maintained its prominence in the top football charts. The recent winners of the league have made it very important and caught a place among the major leagues in the world. Chelsea, Porto, etc., have acquired an excellent place in the top charts. 

  1. Africa Cup of Nations

Africa is one continent that has a serious love for football, unlike European countries. The leading African tournament has seen the performance of some excellent players in the past. The battle is fierce and appropriate for some of the best players in town. Egypt is one of the most successful teams in the African subcontinent and has lifted the cup several times. However, the league has not yet been able to move up to the international stage. But its overall popularity and credibility are very high. 

  1. FA Cup
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The FA Cup is one of the most popular domestic football tournaments alive today. It was founded in 1871, and it’s the oldest football competition that is known. It has produced some of the most iconic names in the field of football, and the status of Wembley as the “Home of Football” was acquired because of this particular tournament only. The league is also known for giant killings where the defeats and wins are extraordinary and a moment to watch. 

  1. Confederations Cup

The last football competition on our list is the Confederations Cup, launched in 2005. It was an attempt to match the World Cup. This Cup is hosted by the same country that hosts the FIFA World Cup in any given year. It has become part of the journey that footballers take before the World Cup actually happens and gives them the much-desired practice on the field. It is known to showcase the preparation of the varied football teams on their capabilities and skills for the upcoming World Cup. FIFA assesses the preparedness of a nation for the World Cup and takes points on the same for the next season that follows every 4 years. 

Which are the Top 10 Football Tournaments for Online Sports Betting?