What are the Most Popular Birthday Flower Bouquets?

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Certainly, a birthday is a most awaited day in everyone’s lives. While picking the birthday flowers, make sure to get the most beautiful and unique bouquet. For instance; People are pleased and appreciative when you gift flowers in Singapore for their birthdays or any occasion. It is a common trend there to make use of flowers on every occasion. They believe it is the best way to express your feelings.

No doubt, when a person wants to make the birthday more special for their loved ones, it gets difficult to select the best bouquet. It is tough to settle for ordinary and hard to search for something unique. This article will help you get rid of this confusion and has listed various flower bouquets to help you easily select as per your or recipients’ preference.

List of the Most Popular Flower Bouquet for the Birthday Celebration

Here you will find unique and interesting floral arrangements. You can pick any bouquet as per your desire. Take a look at them.

Bold Flamingo

This is one of the finest bouquets with sola wood flowers. In Particular, wood flowers are best to give as they won’t die soon. A special type of renewable wood is used to make these florals. You will find rose-shaped flowers hand-dyed with the color red blood. In addition to it, the preserved flowers in an eye-catching hot pink shade are matched with it. You will also find dried preserved hydrangeas in another mesmerizing pink color. These flowers bundled in a bouquet are ideal and perfect choices to make someone feel special, happy, and valued on their birthdays. 


Cheery is a flower bouquet that is full of vibrant colors. Undoubtedly, the colors of the flowers hold equal significance as the flower type. These days florists experiment wildly with the presentation of the florals and give them very unique shades to make them look exquisite and luxurious. In this bouquet, you will find the mix and match of colors that complement each other. However, you can see the sola wood flowers in bright pink, purple and orange color. Though it may sound like a big experiment with very different colors. But, this is what makes it appealing. When you opt for this bouquet it helps you express the respect and acceptance of flaws and the strength of friendship. Moreover, this helps you build your bond even stronger

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Classy chic

Do you want to make the birthday of the love of your life memorable? So this is the best option for you. As the name suggests, the bouquet is classy and specially designed for romantic relations where you can not experiment much and want to keep the selection neutral. Classy chick bouquets offer sola wood flowers in pastel colors such as soft purple and baby pink. This floral gift will be appreciated as it appears pure and serene just like the love is. So on the birthday of one close to your heart, express yourself gracefully with this selection of flowers.


It gets tricky when one has to decide what to give to their colleagues or boss. Though every individual spends the majority of the hours of the day with their office mates, they are still unable to think of a good gift for them for their birthdays. In this scenario, it is advisable to give a Lavender bouquet. The flowers are arranged in such a beautiful manner that it looks soothing to the eyes and are a perfect fit for office decor. Lavender bouquets have sola wood flowers with royal purple, preserved rose in pink and purple, and dried fillers. 


Moving further, another best flower bouquet for a birthday is clementine. This floral arrangement is based on a pink and purple theme. It has included the sola wood flowers to make the gift stay permanent even after the birthday is over. The florist organizes it very finely using the preserved rose of white and light pink color. The wood flowers are hand-dyed in pink and neutral purple color. You can select this bouquet for anyone’s birthday whether a family member or a friend. 

Fairy Tale Pink

Significantly, many birthday parties of young and teenage girls have a pink theme. So you can opt for a bouquet that is arranged with all pink flowers and fillers. Are you wondering which bouquet you should buy? So the answer is Fairy Tale Pink. This floral gift is all full of sola wood flowers with pastel colors and some preserved roses in a light pink shade. The cherry on the cake is the dried fillers that are matched with the florals in the same color.


This is one of the amazing bouquets designed carefully with wood flowers. The floral arrangement expert has used cream, pink and blue color to hand dye the flower. Pastel colors are never out of fashion and look good when presented on birthdays. The color combination looks very soft and delicate to honor the important relations of your life. 

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Note: You can opt for a vase or bouquet as a gift wrapping style. There are a wide range of options available in gift packing. Many people prefer a flower gift box that is easy to carry. Though, many florists offer complementary scents.  But you can also ask for any other aroma you like such as grapefruit, rose, lemongrass, etc. It will add a wonderful fragrance to the bouquet.

Additional Information

Though you purchase the best floral gift but get a gift along with it to leave an impression. Take a look at the below-mentioned tips to make the gift extra special:

  • Make this day memorable by making sweet memories by offering a cake of their taste along with the bouquet. 
  • Balloons look very classy arranged with the bouquet. 
  • Always make sure that the florist adds the scent to make the bouquet smell heavenly.
  • Give them a surprise on their birthday by sending a floral gift early in the morning to their address. 
  • You can also give a token of love such as a photo frame that can be used for their house decoration. It will remind them of your love and the efforts you have put into making their day worth remembering.
  • Never forget to pen down some good wishes for the birthday person. You can tell them how important they are in your life and wish them luck for their future.


To sum up, you have got plenty of options when it comes to giving a flower bouquet on birthdays. The best part is that the bouquet is designed keeping in mind the type of relationship you hold such as with a friend, family, or the ones you fancy. So it gets very convenient to pick the florals without any second thoughts. 

Moreover, take some tips from the additional information provided to make the birthday gift more special. Remember to make a little effort or share your preferences with the florist. The floral arrangement expert knows the value of every occasion and offers additional services such as customization of the bouquet, and adding a gift or accessories as requested.

Hopefully, this article has listed many flower bouquets ideas for gifting on birthdays. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

What are the Most Popular Birthday Flower Bouquets?