What a Cosmetic Injector Course for Lip Artistry Looks Like

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Want to get into the cosmetic industry? Have you been considering making a career switch?

Cosmetic surgeons and nurses are some of the best-paid medical professionals today. But the appeal goes beyond the financial benefits. A special kind of satisfaction comes with brightening someone’s appearance and, consequently, their smile, mood, and day.

That said, lip augmentation, essential lip injections used to achieve full, plump lips, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the market today.

If you are a nurse, dentist, or doctor and want to become a licensed lip enhancement expert, you first need training. Here is where the cosmetic injector course comes in. So, what exactly does the course look like for those specializing in lip augmentation?

3-Day Hybrid Course

The lip artistry course is a three-day hybrid training program that equips you with multiple tried-and-proven techniques to give your patients beautiful lips. More specifically, the course comes in two parts:

11 e-Learning Modules

The first part is the course modules, which touch on eleven important areas and are delivered online. The first couple of lessons is about understanding the face and skin and what rejuvenation entails. Past the basics, you dive deeper into Botox and dermal filler procedures. 

That is how they work, the different techniques, and their complications. These modules are detailed and intense. Then, you will familiarize yourself with the marketing and legal aspects of the field. The course ends with an online assessment in preparation for the certification.

Practical Session

The second part of the course is practical. Here, you put everything you have learned into practice on a model of your own choosing. The practical includes a full day at the clinic under the supervision of your trainer. Among other things, you will go through everything you learned from the online modules and administer patient treatment in a clinical setting. Once the day ends, you will get a gift bag with essential items for further practice at home.

Remember, you need to pass both parts to get certified. It is always best to take your time and allow enough time for the theoretical part before moving to the practical.

Access to Resources, Mentorship, and Exclusive Members Group

Beyond the main training material and structured course modules, the lip artistry course also includes access to a rich resource vault. 

Here, you can find all kinds of valuable information, including webinars, videos, and marketing templates. You can join the exclusive members’ group for even more support and resources. Not forgetting, the course comes with mentorship, which you will need to navigate the new field.

Certificate on Completion

Once you are done with the course and have passed the practical sessions, you get a certificate of attainment of training. This certificate proves that you have trained and are skilled in lip filler injections and, consequently, allows you to carve out a career for yourself in the field.

Become a Lip Artist with the Online Cosmetic Injector Course

If you are already a registered nurse, doctor, or dentist, branching out into the cosmetic industry is relatively easy. You can become a dermal filler expert by taking a three-day online lip artistry course. With focus and commitment, you will administer lip procedures in no time.


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