Top 10 Handy Hints for Mobile Gaming

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hints for Mobile Gaming

When mentioning gaming, many overlook smartphones compared to PC and console devices. TechCrunch has noted that mobile games make up 33% of all app downloads. In 2019, it accumulated up to $10 billion in revenue in North America, and it shows no signs of slowing down. If you’re interested in being a part of the entertainment, here’s a great place to start. In this post, you will find handy hints for Mobile Gaming.

Our expert in the online casino Canada industry, Daniel Bennet, his profile here, shares essential information to enhance your gameplay. Here are few hints for Mobile Gaming experience to the next level.  

Invest In A Gaming Smartphone

Before you can learn how to improve a mobile game itself, you have to see what device you’re using. Companies like Razer and Asus have developed phones with gamers in mind, but any phone will work well in your favour if it has the following: 

  • Ergonomic feel
  • High-refresh rate display
  • Generous storage and RAM
  • Top-performing batteries
  • A cooling system so that it doesn’t heat up after hours of gameplay
Enable DND Mode

The last thing you need when you’re about to win a match is getting a non-urgent incoming call. Not only is it annoying, but it can also cost you your progress. The Do Not Disturb mode mutes unwanted incoming calls, messages, or notifications. If you have a specific contact that you can’t ignore, you can also set it Priority Only to receive calls from the number you select. 

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Do Your Research

Mobile games come in all types, so you should find out what you want to play before downloading. Do you have more fun with social or solo missions? Is the storyline or gameplay more vital to you? What’s your favourite genre? Ask yourself these questions and explore different categories to know about your preference. 

Get A Controller

If you have an Android, you can connect your PS4 or Xbox controller to your phone. Once you have the mobile gambling experience with a controller, it’s challenging to go back. iOS users can still purchase a Bluetooth controller or wait for the iOS 13 update that supports controller pairing. 

Customize Your Game Settings and Controls

Controls and layouts vary for each game, so it should be adjusted to suit your preferences. If the default layout or settings doesn’t suit you, customize it by accessing the in-game settings. There, you can change audio, controls, sensitivity, and many more.  

Use Noise-Cancelling Wireless Headphones With Mic

Many players’ pet peeve is not hearing footsteps, dialogue, and other small details that can affect gameplay. Having earphones can compensate for low phone speaker quality and allow you to hear everything in detail without bothering others in your surroundings. 

Opt for a headset or earphones that are wireless to avoid tangling. A big plus is that you’ll have more range of motion. Another essential feature is a microphone in case your gameplay requires you to speak or communicate with teammates. 

Reduce Background Usage

This advice may be obvious, but mobile phone users often underestimate how hard the devices can multitask. When you’re playing heavy-duty games, you need as much RAM as possible to make sure those graphics run smoothly. Even if you have a high-performance phone, you should still close any background apps before you start your session. 

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Get A Reliable Connection

No amount of mobile quality can make up for slow internet speeds. Avoid lagging by using a secure Wi-Fi connection or use mobile internet from your provider. However, be careful if you have limited monthly data – mobile gaming can burn through it pretty quickly. If a reliable internet connection is not an option, you can also add plenty of offline titles to your library. 

Download Discord

This app may be for you if you want a fast and convenient way to communicate with other players. Discord is one of the top messaging platforms for gamers, and it lets everyone know who’s playing what. You can open or join multiple servers to discuss game-related topics or whatever you want. 

Play On The Big Screen 

Try the screen mirroring on a larger screen. For some players, it’s the best way to play mobile games. This option is available for both iOS and Android users, but you have to check to see if your TV has the Airplay feature. With a Smart TV, you and your friends can watch your gameplay to its full potential. 


These are some of the top hints for Mobile Gaming to enhance your gameplay quality and experience. Try one or more of these pointers, and you’ll notice a significant difference in performance. 


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hints for Mobile Gaming