Marketing Condition and Innovative Trends of 2022

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The rapid development of artificial intelligence, the pandemic crisis, the mass transition of businesses online, the transformation of genres, and the differentiation of journalistic materials have had a huge impact on advertising in recent years.

The majority of industries have adopted such changes and refined them to suit the specifics of spheres. The WinWin Casino experts want to introduce the marketing trends of 2022 a bit closer and show how they are going to evolve in the near future.

Balance between AI and Human Interest

Making an appealing headline is not enough for contemporary advertising. While users will like it, a search engine can find it complicated to index certain phrases. The AI does not understand puns, metaphors, and other inversions. As a result, it will not know what target audience to offer the material to.

Modern search engine AI is getting better. Even though it can not fully perceive the versatility of human interaction, developers work hard to improve its logic. That is why it is essential to keep the connection between artificial intelligence and the real audience.

Business Forecasts

Entrepreneurs want to have a clear idea of ​​what result they will get from an advertising campaign. Today, it is important for marketing departments to show an efficient return for every invested penny.

Due to the massive transition of businesses online, competition has increased in the advertising market. Companies began to allocate more financial assets to promotion. Reporting indicators become transparent. Predictability is increasing, and clients are becoming more demanding of PR specialists to get better results.

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Increased Volume of Assignments

Today, a PR specialist has to cope with a tremendous load of work:

  • prepare press releases;
  • organise briefings;
  • arrange interviews;
  • monitor media sources;
  • keep multiple accounts;
  • update chatbots;
  • monitor negative materials;
  • optimising search engine algorithms.

A single person can hardly deal with such a volume. Therefore, advertising agencies are increasingly becoming complex teams with different departments and duties.

Constant Improvement

Marketing specialists develop every day and acquire new skills as the technology steps forward. For example, a team member finds new software that is extremely helpful in a particular order. This is where short online tutorials help master a corresponding skill.

Continuous learning through an interactive way of presenting the material has become an integral part and a necessary element for advertising experts. This is the result of increased demand for flexible specialists who can adapt to the situation.

Short Information Formats

Our times are full of brief visuals. Ten-minute videos seem too long. Moreover, some people also skip ads that last only 60 seconds. They are filled with unnecessary content, references, and elements that do not incentivise obtaining the product. Video promotion becomes popular when a client can understand why he requires the company’s services in less than 10 seconds.

Innovative video advertising is represented today in:

  • shorts (brief clips on YouTube);
  • reels (short stories on Instagram);
  • tiktoks (quick video on the namesake social media);
  • application ads (regular clips popping up during freeware usage).

Short content is what makes modern advertising relevant. People’s consciousness clings to bright and simple messages and memorable images. Long articles and video presentations are slowly dying.

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Involvement in Marketing Shift

The modern fast pace of changes creates the necessity to monitor the sphere 24/7. New trends appear out of nowhere. If an entrepreneur or an advertising expert wants to adopt these changes to the project, quick learning is required. However, it is very complicated to achieve if the team consists only of a single manager.

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