Leopard Tattoo Meaning

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Mankind has felt an unshakeable fascination for these big cats for thousands of years. Leopards are the smallest species of big cats. Yet it combines qualities such as speed, intelligence, survival, brute force.

As a tattoo artist I’ve always been amazed about animal tattoos, even lately I have decided to improve my tattoo techniques with an online tattoo training course.

Colourful leopard tattoos are also very trendy now.

But before you decide to make such a tattoo on your skin, it is important to know the leopard tattoo’s meaning.

Why do people get leopard tattoos?

In humans, leopards became famous for their cunning: they use suggestive tactics, giving their prey an imaginary calm and security, whereupon they attack at the most unexpected moment. Leopards kill everyone in their path.

Leopard tattoos are very popular among men and women. The symbol is chosen for its elegance and power. 

People with leopard tattoos identify with the calm and peaceful existence of this animal. They love peace of mind, protect themselves from the daily noise. Therefore, the meaning of a leopard tattoo is loneliness, dignity and courage.

Another reason why people choose this motif is the importance of supporting these species conservation. In the last century alone, more animals have become extinct and the population of many animals has been reduced to historic lows. The only way to defend these animals is through conservation.

The History

The leopard in Christianity was a symbol of sin, an accomplice of the devil. 

Neolithic cultures in Asia considered the leopard a sign of the feminine fertility deity. 

In ancient times, the leopard was believed to be the offspring of the panther and the lion, a symbol of bravery, loyalty and ferocity. Like the panther and the tiger, it expresses strength.

It was also believed that the man who defeats the leopard is a step above the others. That is why rulers adorned themselves with animal skins.

Also like a monkey and a tiger, it expresses strength. 

​​These animals have a connection with the spiritual realm, so shamans used and still wear leopard skin to protect themselves from evil spirits. 

The Egyptians used skins to protect them from the god of darkness and chaos, Seth.

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The meaning of leopard tattoos

Variations leopard tattoo interpretations can be set:

  • Intelligence;
  • Cunning;
  • Deception and manipulation;
  • protection;
  • Loneliness;
  • strength;
  • Heroism.

Leopard – fast, quick animal with a truly regal size. Moreover, today the leopard is considered a sign of glamour.

It has long been believed that leopard spots symbolise the ability to hide the truth and gain an advantage in any situation

The Italian poet Dante used the image of a leopard in his works as a symbol of deception, deceit and wickedness. Depictions of this predator in African traditions contrast greatly with European traditions. 

A leopard in Africsa is a very perceptive animal. Many consider it a brave warrior that does not escape an attack.

Snow leopard tattoos are strikingly realistic for the sake of the metaphor and are usually tattooed with wide, curious eyes. This helps to portray the intelligence and wisdom of the creature while reminding the viewer of the creature’s strength. These features appeal to many men who want to be seen as simultaneous sources of power and wisdom.

Leopard Tattoo Variations

Leopard tattoos come in different sizes, but the colouring of this motif is usually standard. These tattoos are often coloured to resemble real leopard spots or have a tribal motif.

Of course, the most popular variation is the leopard print, which is wearable by both women and men with the distinction of being. 

Leopard tattoos are usually made by people who enjoy a solitary life. They love inner peace and tranquillity.

The leopard tattoo looks equally good both in colour and in black and white.

Black & white leopard tattoo

A black leopard tattoo emphasises your need to remain unnoticed and anonymous. You love to have your privacy and quiet and are truly free when you have the freedom to do what you want without anyone bothering you.

Colour leopard

If we are talking about a coloured leopard tattoo, then it is showing the strong desire of its owner for a solitary life. Spots help to hide a person’s true nature – so you can wait for the best moment to attack. 

Tattoo opens the instinct of search, destruction, adaptation to the environment. A person can completely control any situation and change the outcome at will.

Tribal leopards

A leopard tribal motif marks you as someone who is deeply rooted in the indigenous culture of a particular region. These motifs have spiritual associations that mark the wearer with the characteristics of that animal totem.

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Leopard spots or fur

Leopard spots symbolise your strong connection to the reclusive life of this animal. Basically, your spots help you to hide your true intentions and take the perfect opportunity to attack when the time is right. A leopard spot tattoo represents your hunting instinct of an assassin, your adaptability and your skill to manipulate any situation in your favour. These motifs also symbolise your connections to the royal and divine.

Where to tattoo a leopard tattoo

As with many tattoos with unique elements, like leopard spots for example, it is always important to consider the location of the tattoo on the body.

The shoulder is an ideal place to have a leopard tattoo. You can also have the tattoo extending from the back of your shoulder to the front. If you also want to have the tattoo on both shoulders, you can have matching ones. 

Such tattoos will also look fabulous around the ankle. You could also include a flower to accomplish the tattoo.

It is also very often done on the chest, shoulder, hip, back, as well as other parts of the body. 


As you know, body art is the best way to describe yourself without saying a word. When choosing such a tattoo, pay attention to what is next to the leopard, on its frame, the expression of the muzzle. Choose motifs individually. The only limitation in this matter is imagination.

Tattoos with leopards do not carry any negative value, but if you are a calm and balanced person, then a leopard with a grin does not exactly suit you, so be careful when choosing a motif.

Leopard tattoos have no negative connotations, but if you’re a calm and gentle person, a smiling leopard isn’t quite right for you, so be careful when choosing an image.

Despite these differences in interpretation, one thing is undeniable: the leopard is a pretty and elegant animal.

Despite these different interpretations, one thing is for sure: the leopard is a beautiful and elegant animal. If you know the above facts, you can easily interpret the meaning of a leopard tattoo.

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