Four NFL Players With a Love of Tattoos

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Love of Tattoos

It is no secret that professional athletes love decorating their skin with ink. You only need to look at players on the court in NBA games or the football field during an NFL clash to see some incredible designs on the players. Players ink themselves for various reasons, just as you or I do. Some tattoos commemorate achievements, others pay tributes to loved ones, and some are inked just for the sake of it.

With the NFL regular season over and the race to the Super Bowl beginning, now is the perfect time to check out some of the tattoos adorning NFL stars, the reasoning behind them, and a little about each Super Bowl hopeful.

Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is a player you may hear much about over the coming weeks because the Dallas Cowboys quarterback is looking to guide his team to Super Bowl LVIII glory in Las Vegas. The Dallas Cowboys are highly thought of by sites listed in online sportsbook reviews and are one of the favorites to lift the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy on February 11.

Prescott has dozens of tattoos, including one that got him into trouble with the Cowboys’ management. Prescott had a giant tattoo inked on his right leg during the latest offseason. The work was so intricate and vast that Prescott was sedated for the entire 11 hours it took to complete! Although Prescott informed his head coach about the sedation, the news did not reach the Cowboys’ owner, Jerry Jones, much to Jones’ dismay.

The massive tattoo features a Pegasus to remember his late mother, who died from colon cancer in 2013, and a moose to honor his brother, who died by suicide two years ago. Although this tattoo is Prescott’s most elaborate, a smaller one on his left shoulder means the most.

Prescott’s favorite is a cartoon lion with the word “Pride” above it. His late mother used to draw the lion when Prescott was a child, so he got her to scribble it down before having it tattooed. Prescott’s mother drew this version on their last Easter together, so this tattoo has enormous sentimental value.


Brad Wing

Brad Wing was born in Melbourne, Australia, but moved to the United States as part of a student exchange program, where he discovered American football. Coming from an Australian rules football background, Wing had a penchant for punting, which ultimately led him to become LSU’s punter.

Although Wing went undrafted in the 2013 NFL Draft, he has played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the New York Giants. Wing and his family are religious, so it should be unsurprising to discover that seven of his eight tattoos have religious significance.

Wing has a substantial archangel, Michael, down his right arm. Michael is Wing’s favorite archangel due to the fact he defeated Satan and sent him to hell. Taking pride and place on the same arm is a highly detailed lion. Wing once explained to the media that the lion is not because his star sign is Leo but his representation of God. The lion is on top of the food chain, and Wing stated he will never get a tattoo above his lion.

Matt Asiata

Matt Asiata is a former NFL running back best known for his time with the Minnesota Vikings. Asiata is tied with several other Vikings players for the record of scoring the most rushing touchdowns in a single game. He scored three rushing touchdowns in one game three times before retiring from professional football in 2017.

Asiata has Samoan parents, and everyone with even the remotest of interest in tattoos knows Samoans love their tattoos. The 37-year-old has much art on his body, but his largest is his favorite. Asiata has a piece spread across his back from shoulder to shoulder, his surname surrounded by a tribal design. After people spotted the tattoo during a training camp, Asiata explained the importance of this piece.

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He explained how he believes nothing is better than representing your family name. His father had passed away, and Asiata wanted to continue his legacy. Asiata is massively proud of the Polynesian culture and his Samoan background, so having his family name permanently on his person is a fitting tribute to his late father.

Kwon Alexander

Standing at 6 ft 1 in and weighing 227 pounds, Kwon Alexander is hard to miss on the football field. The Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker is a giant of a man, giving him ample space for dozens of tattoos; the man is covered in ink! Alexander admits he misses he never got some of the ink on his person because they were done when he didn’t have much money, so they are of a poor standard. However, he has earned almost $34 million during his career, so he employs a professional tattoo artist in Utah these days.

Alexander’s most prominent and important tattoo covers his entire back. During the 2015 NFL season, Alexander’s younger brother, Broderick, was murdered. Alexander dedicated the vast piece to his late brother. 

“SHOWTIME” spreads the breadth of his shoulders while an angel sits above a football stadium with Alexander carrying the ball and pointing to the angel. The words “All you wanted me to do was ball” stem from Alexander’s brother’s pride in his older sibling’s career.

Which NFL Star’s Tattoos Are Your Favorite?

These are only four NFL players with intricate, detailed, and meaningful tattoos, but there are hundreds more stars with fantastic ink. The likes of Su’a Cravens‘ Coliseum, Captain Munnerlyn‘s mom tattoo, and Cassius Marsh‘s Indian headdress-sporting polar bear are others worthy of a mention here. 

Who are your favorite tattooed NFL players, and why? Do let us know who they are and why.




Love of Tattoos