Fan tattoo

by in Tattoo For Women

Usually we try to find some unisex tattoos so that everyone could find something that will suit them. However, this time we find something both different and amazing. So we present you the amazing designs of fan tattoo!

It is pretty obvious that a fan tattoo can present something conservative, simple but definitely not ordinary. Fan tattoos are known for their elegance that is why of you are looking for something smart-looking, a small fan tattoo somewhere on your shoulder will look just amazing!

We mentioned that fan tattoos are more womanly than manly, still, if you are a male looking for a fan tattoo, we have you something extraordinary as well. Check out this fan tattoo freaky geisha design! It sure does not look girly to us!

Check our gallery for more designs and we hope that you will be existed about a simple fan tattoo as much as we are!

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fan tattoo with rose on backfan tattoo asianfan tattoo with girlfan tattoo oriental koifan tattoo asian blossoms on thighfan tattoo spanish fan rosaryfan tattoo visctorian fanfan tattoo japanese flowersfan tattoo leg tattoofan tattoo asian woman with fanfan tattoo red fan with flowerfan tattoo japanese womanfan tattoo freaky geishafan tattoo small backfan tattoo black ornamented fanfan tattoo spanish fan with flowersfan tattoo woman scull and rosefan tattoo realistic asian fanfan tattoo small red fan with blossomsfan tattoo pink blossoms
Fan tattoo